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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As any of you who regularly read my blog know, I don't generally write about politics in any way here... but I just simply can't contain myself this evening (and if that means some of my faithful readers have to skip this short post, please do so... I won't mind).

I am so proud of America for electing (if the results are correct, which 338 to 156 is pretty hard to argue with even if every state isn't in yet) our first African American president. I honestly can say that I never thought I would see such an event so soon in my lifetime... but more importantly I am really excited for what this means for our country... I was so worried that four more years (and yes, for all McCain attempted to do to separate himself from Bush he is still a status quo gentleman who I'm sure is a lovely person but doesn't know how many houses he owns and wanted to "stay the course" with our economics, despite the unemployment rate skyrocketing, and inflation soaring). I have great hope that America can change and that Obama is the first step in making a country where all people have opportunity. Only time will tell.

I am also really excited that it appears Colorado Amendment 48 is not going to pass. This is an amendment that would effectively define life beginning at conception and would have effectively limited birth control in Colorado (as some forms of birth control do not prevent fertilization but merely implantation) and is just the first of a slippery slope to the illegalization of abortion... Now we'll just have to wait and see if the amendment allowing gambling limits is raised (which would pump millions of dollars into Colorado community colleges, thereby freeing up funding for four year colleges... did anyone out there know that Colorado ranks 48th out of the fifty states for higher education funding! We could certainly use the passage of this bill so please keep your fingers crossed for that one).


Stephanie said...

Is your back better, Jenna? I hope so! And what is standard? To answer someone's question in your own blog or on theirs?? I don't know enough about the blogging world yet.

Jamie said...

I too hope your back is feeling better.
I am also VERY excited about Obama, it seems the world's opinion of America may have brightened just by America's willingness to elect a leader for change.