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Monday, November 17, 2008


I passed my second year retention hearing with a five person unanimous vote! Hooray... of course it is only a recommendation, which now has to go to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. Then it goes to the Provost. And then finally (most likely some time in January) to the President's office for his approval. However, I have never heard of a case of the president rejecting a retention that has been voted for by a committe (I think once or twice he has overturned letting someone go)... so it looks like Reid and I will be staying in Alamosa for another year (and hopefully for many more to come, though the tenure committee is definitely looming in just three more years!).

Otherwise today was a smooth day. I taught two classes, did a production meeting and supervised some work in the costume shop (except for fasteners, Santa's coat is done... I still need to make him his pants). Reid and I came home, made dinner and now he's doing dishes while I type to you (aren't I a lucky woman??).


Alice said...

Almost as lucky as me. the whole first floor has been vacumned and I didn't touch that machine!! Yeeaaaa for Daddy!!

JayD said...

Yeeeaaa for retention hearings!!!

They are just starting to figure out what your Daddy knew all along :-)

Merrilee said...


Deborah Bates Cavitt said...

I jnewthere would be "no problem." Colorado Loves you.

Alaina said...

CONGRATS! Awesome news!

Jamie said...

Congrats! A few days late, I am little behind on my reading!