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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jenna's Day, which was atypical (and thus typical)

A friend of mine and I keep playing telephone tag. She is a new mother and I am a working professor... and to say our schedules don't match is a bit of an understatement. So I thought I might give you just a little run-down of how my day has gone. Now of course today is an atypical day because I did things that I don't usually do... but then again when I think about it, most days are atypical. So, here it goes:

6:30am- wake up (hooray for day light savings as it is now light again when I get up... of course it isn't quite 5 now and the sun is setting!), get ready, walk Tater, think about having a balanced breakfast but instead opt for hot blueberry tea (to which I am currently addicted) and a few nutter butter cookies.

7:40am- Leave my house.

7:55-8:45am- Arrive at work. Make sure my lesson plans are in place for both of my classes today and that I have all of the necessary materials for photocopying after my 9 o'clock class (the photocopier is in the building where I teach MWF mornings and if I can organize myself enough I try to do all of my photocopying before or after one of those classes), quickly check my e-mail, and head off to class.

9:00-9:50am- Give a lecture on the effective use of power point coupled with a lecture on audience analysis (since I missed Monday's lecture) in Speech Fundamentals.

9:50-10:30am- Make photocopies (and make a few last minutes choices) of my acting class' final scenes.

10:30-10:40am- Meet the other members of the Education Interview panel, with whom I'll be interviewing four perspective students in the teacher education program.

10:40-12:30- They are supposed to be 20 minutes each, and done by 12:00... though we tried to stick to the time limit this is one more example of how time limits and academics don't work.

12:30-12:45- Meet/chat with the head of the education department... you never know when connections may help you!

12:45-12:50- Run back to the theatre building!

12:50-1:00- Go to the bathroom, find lecture notes for class and realize there is no time for lunch...

1:00-1:50- Lecture on costume design, specifically what a costume says about a character and how to initially approach a script.

1:50-2:30- Discuss costume designs for student shows with student designers, make a shopping list for said designers to buy things for Miracle on 34th Street, realize that my stomach is growling.

2:30-2:40- Heat, and eat Lean Pocket. Realize that I have a department meeting in 20 minutes.

2:45-3:00- Walk to department meeting with colleague and discuss puppeteer costumes, as we did not get to at the Monday production meeting which I missed.

3-4:30- in a meeting that was supposed to be from 3-4 (see 10:40-12:30), we discussed paperless advising and I learned how to check students' test scores on our online system.

4:30-4:45- Debate walking to the library and returning some books/getting the last of my students' scenes to copy. Then decide I can do that tomorrow morning and instead head back to theatre building.

4:45-4:47- Call student designers to check on progress of shopping trip as they're not back yet.

4:47-4:50- Start this blog entry

4:50-5:05- Take a break from the blog entry to meet a student's dog (yes here at Adams we are all about the students! And frankly, the dog was a really cute beagle mix).

5:15... oh wait, that's now. Okay so I'm writing this blog entry... a student comes to ask about her scene partner... then the student designers come back and show me what they've bought.

5:21- Back to writing after I talk with the students... another student stops and I need to show her the new gloves for the puppeteers... she then chats with me about her dog, laptop, etc (yes, again, we're focused on our students here)!

5:28- Back to writing... this time I'm going to finish! I'll now leave here, go to a few stores looking for things to put in my Christmas gift baskets... then home, to eat dinner, grade some papers and hopefully be done by 8 so I can watch a movie with Reid... then to bed and tomorrow I'll start all over again (only tomorrow night, like last night, I'll be here until 10:30 for student rehearsals).

Hope your days were good ones!


JayD said...

Hooray for "typical"!!

That is what makes life fun. Be sure and play with Tater between grading papers!

Alice said...

Ok, I'm tired.

Merrilee said...

I think that you totally deserve a movie after a day like that!!!

moondaiseez said...

I am honored that I rated a blog entry. a record of my day would only sound repetitive as I feed, burp, change, and repeat