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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Craziest Hair Award Goes to...

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Spring Trip to the Sand Dunes!

So.... it has been a LONG time. But we can't live in the past or in regret. So... here are some pictures of our recent trip to the Sand Dunes. Quite a bit different than our trip two posts ago!

Curtis exploring the water at the beginning of our trip.

All the rest of the "boys."

The doggies generally like trips to the Sand Dunes!

The boys playing in the sand.  There was a bit of a chilly breeze so Curtis didn't want to stand up.

Our old man... Tater is nearing 14, we think. He spent most of the trip sleeping in the shade of a tree.

Curtis very closely examining the sand. This is probably my favorite picture of the day.

Curtis, with gorgeous scenery behind him.

Wesley, with gorgeous scenery behind him.
Wesley was obviously telling a great joke!

Mommy helped them make sand castles, which Curtis delighted in tearing down.

"Look! I found a piece of driftwood!"

Wesley was pulled down into "quicksand" over and over again!