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Friday, November 14, 2008

One long week

I have been feeling somewhat down most of this week (thanks Tater! Not only should the vet have warned of potential behavior changes in Tater but when you mess around with my hormones, guess what happens to me too!)... I thought it was only me but I've been reading a few of my friend's blogs who also appear to be having a rough week. It must be something in the air.

That, or it could be the long amount of time I have been at school this week. In fact, I'm still in my office. I'm supposed to be grading stuff but isn't posting on my blog more fun? Plus, it's the start of the weekend... I have loads of time (don't remind me that I said that on Sunday when I'm cursing myself for not grading stuff early). I am staying this evening to watch Miracle on 34th Street rehearsal to try and get a grasp on when costume changes can/should take place. Exciting my life, isn't it? But hey, you wanted a post a day.

My retention review is Monday. It should be fine but it is always a little nerve-racking... and I'll be glad when it is done for the year.

And that's about it for now. I think I'll go grade something now.


Alice said...

Find some where to grade where you can see something pretty if you look up! As a reward. Or do like Karen, sit in a hard chair and don't get up till your done. You choose! LOL

Jamie said...

Grading is no fun, but remember you had summer! Yes, it could be that you not having two pills could definitely mess up your mood. You have had a long week, so try and get some rest!

Debbie said...

It's called BIC. Bottom in Chair.
or if you want some college research...you will feel more energy if you have something pretty (like Mom said) just to the right of your computer screen. It helps with less screen headaches too. The research said to use flowers. I would sneeze of course so I have a tiny angel lamp.

Don't forget to send me your address please please please.

I know the retention review will be great!

Jonathan finally has a place of his own in L.A., single, had his 30th B'Day, and his cat sits in the window waiting for him when he gets home from work.

Merrilee said...

Why is that when I think of Tater eating your pills, I suddenly envision him wearing lipstick and a tutu, going all girly? It has been a rough week and I'll be happy when it's over. But here's a good thought: the semester is winding down which means CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! Yay!!!!!!
Good luck grading! And good luck Monday!! I'm sure you'll do great!!

moondaiseez said...

Best wishes on your review! On the bright side, at least the rehearsal was for something festive, rather than "when you coming back red rider" or something else depressing. I mean, its Christmas!

Becca said...

I live in Southern California. It has been a trying few days here!