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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cute Wesley Mid-March

Here are some cute Wesley pictures!

It was warm today... so we did what all little boys do! We went outside and played in the dirt!

Cool dude! Referring of course to his penguin sweater!

Look where Wesley can climb up to! He pushed the footstool over and climbs from it onto the table. At this point he was going through the mail for us! (please ignore the purple shirt with red head scarf... I promise I don't go out like this!)

"I'm tough!"

And cute!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Month Down...

Wesley takes his job as remote holder very seriously.

And no more posts. Already, so I'm just officially a bad blogger.

Being away from Wesley for the week of the Festival was hard... but not as hard as I thought it would be. He and Reid got into a schedule that worked for both of them. He apparently only woke up in the middle of the night the first night and after that slept soundly (proof that he doesn't NEED to nurse in the middle of the night... he just likes to some nights). I, however, did not sleep all that well while I was there which I think is pretty funny. I had a whole bed to myself, no husband or baby to disturb me and yet I tossed and turned... guess I need them as much (or more) than they need me!

I got back very late Saturday night from the conference and slipped into bed with Wesley. He didn't wake up. Sunday morning, he rolled over and smiled up at me like I had never been missing. The next week at school for him was a little challenging as he cried every time I left him.

He had his 12 month check-up on the Monday after I got back. In retrospect, this was not a good time to schedule a physical that includes a weight check, since he hadn't been regularly nursing and had been stressed. At the exam, he was 30.5" tall (up from 29" at his 9 month check-up) and only 16lbs7oz (a weight gain of 6 oz. since his 9 month). So, he is still in the 50-75th percentile for height and has officially fallen off the scale for weight. We've scheduled another weight check at the end of March and he'll hopefully (with mommy here so he has no reason to stress) be back on the scale by then!

However, his health has not been positively contributing to his weight gain. Last Monday he was back at the doctor's office. He had a blown ear drum from an ear infection. He was prescribed oral antibiotics and ear drops. He only had a temperature of a little over 100 so we thought that would clear it up. Wednesday afternoon his daycare provider called me to tell me that he had a fever of 103.5. We kept him home from school the next day (after a very restless night). He was doing better in the morning but by afternoon had worsened. Around 4:30 he started vomiting. So, despite the hour, we called his pediatrician who let us bring him in. We were there until 6pm. They swabbed him for influenza (negative) and then gave him an injected antibiotic. He went back to the doctor the next day for one more dose of the injected antibiotic. By Friday evening his fever had broken and he was, indeed, on the mend. We started him back on the oral antibiotic Saturday which he's been on ever since. He still has a runny nose but it is all back to being clear which is a good sign and he's back to being his perky, high energy self. He hates the oral antibiotic but luckily this evening will be his last dose and hopefully he'll be healthy for awhile! Of course... Reid is now home sick so I'm not going to hold my breath. Wait... maybe I should hold my breath so that I don't get sick!

And that brings us up to now. Wes turned 13 months just a few days ago. He is so interesting! He mimicks a lot of our behavior now; things like waving hello and goodbye, cocking his head as if to say "I'm so cute," etc. He is walking while holding onto our fingers with increasing confidence and every once in awhile will forget what he's doing and let go of furniture standing all by himself. But... so far, no walking on his own. That will come in its own time.

He still loves music and most of his favorite toys include some sort of musical component. He also loves electronics and has managed to use my cell phone to both call my mom and text message my brother-in-law!

He's not much of an eater. It's not that he's picky in that he'll eat almost anything... but only about five or six bites at a time. He lets you know he's done with it by taking a bite and then spitting it back out at you. And this week he has learned that the dogs are under his chair. He throws them pieces of food off his tray and then giggles hysterically as they run around and get it... so much for having skinny beagles! He does love fruit of all varieties and has yet to meet a bean he didn't like.

He has started to show his frustration when things don't go his way. That generally results in a meltdown that includes crying, putting his head either in his hands or on the floor. Luckily they don't last for very long. He is pretty easily distracted.

He loves looking at pictures of his loved ones. In fact, we can't walk by the wall of pictures or the calendar of he and his cousin without stopping to identify people.

He is a major climber! If we let him, he climbs into the fridge. He also loves to use the two step footstool to climb onto the kitchen table. So far we've been right there every time he's done it... hopefully it'll stay that way. He climbs up and down off the sofas like a pro and is mastering climbing onto the footstool and then onto the sofa from that. Also, if we move his high chair down to a lower setting he can climb into that himself. All of that to say, look out Cousin Raley! You'll have a climbing buddy soon!

Wesley "helping" with the toilet paper...

One of the only times he wore his winter coat... it's just too bulky. He can't put his arms down!

Wesley "helping" to reorganize the shelving unit next to the backdoor. "My work here is done."

Messy faced baby!

Wesley, sleeping sideways on our bed!

Doing "snort face."

One of my favorite photos...
Ninja in the fridge!