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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Whomever wrote the stage adaptation for Miracle on 34th Street (I could find out but my script is at school) must have believed in miracles... because there are several scenes where Kris Kringle is on stage in his Santa Suit, the lights go down, come back up and he is on stage in street clothes (or vice versa). I have a strong disdain for playwrights who don't consider things like quick costume or set changes (you know, where the lights go down and come back up and the house has gone from a pigsty to immaculate... how is that supposed to happen William Inge?? How???).

I figured I should get Kris Kringle's Santa costume built quickly so that the dressers can have some time to figure out how they are going to make magic happen. Also, either there were already two worn spots and a black stain on the velvet when I bought it (entirely possibly) or our washing machine at school did it (though it has never torn holes in anything before). These both made cutting out the suit a difficult task, one I had put off to a Saturday when I could do it on my own without being interrupted repeatedly with "What next Jenna?" And it's a good thing I did because I just barely squeezed the pieces I needed out of the yardage I had.

I then built most of the coat today before leaving school (though I have to tear out a little bit of it on Monday that I did too hastily and therefore not well... it is true what they say about haste and its making of waste). I still have the pants but those are easy drawstring (and I think I'll probably make them elastic just to help with the aforementioned changes). And of course we still need to attach the fur to the boots, make the belt, etc... but at least the biggest part (cutting out the pattern) is done.


Jamie said...

Wow, that sounds like alot of work! I am glad you got the big parts done though. Try to get some rest at some point.

Alice said...

Ah, yes, the dreaded Santa Suite. A problem because everyone KNOWS how it should look and you have to make it that way. And your right, someone does need to knock sense into some folks about everyday thing like costumn changes. I seem to remember someone volunteering to help with the Narrator of a music program at CHS!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is basically a stage version of the movie - without good planning by the author to adapt it for stage?

Sorry - good luck!