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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Curtis is 1 month!

I can't believe it but Curtis is now officially one month old. It is so exciting having a second child because I get to experience all of the "first" a second time and am generally a lot more relaxed while doing it!

At one month Curtis is a bit more fussy than I remember his older brother being at this stage. We started him two weeks ago on baby Zantac for acid reflux because he's thrown up several times and frequently gags/looks like he is having acid burn the back of his throat. I'm not yet sure how much the medicine is helping but it isn't hurting... so we'll probably stay on it for at least awhile longer.

Curtis is a champion nurser. He was on a very regular hour and a half nursing schedule at night with a few longer sleep sessions during the day. However, not to curse myself, but it seems that he has started to have at least two longer sleeping sessions during the night (between two and two and a half hours) which have definitely helped me in terms of lack of sleep. He is definitely growing/gaining weight. We have a doctor's appointment on Thursday and I am looking forward to seeing how much he weighs at just a little over a month post-birth.

Curtis has just started to focus on faces and I'm expecting smiles to be right around the corner. Most of the time he is content to hang out in someone's arms. He is not a fan of being put down and will only sleep for short periods of time in his bassinet or swing (very similar to his brother!). Every once in awhile he gets fussy being held and then a short amount of time laying on a blanket stretching out helps to make everything better!

Here are a few photos from the last month:
I don't know how to rotate this photo :)  But here is one of the first open eye shots from the month.

Tiny fingers!

Curtis is going to be a finger chewer!

"What did you say?" Splayed fingers

This is the first time Wesley asked to hold his baby brother (please ignore Mommy's hair!)

"Oh, it's all just too much!" He loves to have his hands on his head.

Looking much more alert!

My three boys having some quality time together

"Enough with the paparazzi already lady!"

Wesley's 1st REAL Haircut

It was time... I had chopped at Wesley's hair to get it out of his eyes and off his ears by myself as much as I possibly could. And seeing as how we were gearing up for his three year-old picture (along with Curtis' 1 month... next post, I promise Curtis!), I wanted him to have a cleaned up look. So... off we went to Walmart's Hair Cut Center. Honestly, it's not the best haircut in the world and he'll need another one soon because I just had her take off the tips/clean up the edges. But that was plenty for this Mommy!
Wesley LOVED all of the mirrors in the place!

Getting ready for the first snip

"Hey, that tickles!"

A little bit off the top

Dapper little boy

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wesley is 3!

Amazing... three years will turn THIS...
Into THIS!
Wesley turned 3 on January 30 and we had his birthday party the following Saturday. It was a small affair, five adults besides Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma and two other little kids... but for three I'd say it was just about perfect!

On his actual birthday we had fun together making cupcakes... which we also enjoyed eating/demolishing!
Mixing Cupcakes

Demolished Cupcake
He was SO excited about presents... but even more excited when he saw the balloons hanging on the wall! Apparently all you need for a birthday party are balloons for he has told us several times that he still has a birthday party (since we haven't taken all of the balloons down yet)!

Favorite presents include:
A pirate ship
Sesame Street PlaySet
Magnetic Animals

Doctor Kit

Playing with his Sesame Street Set with his good friend Caris (and Tater in the background)

"Birthday Boy" with his adoring Daddy!

Yummy Curious George Cake... though he didn't eat much. He was too excited about presents!

The Birthday Boy with his "World's Best Little Brother"