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Monday, November 10, 2008


It snowed and this time it stuck! There are places where it is at least 3 and maybe even 4 inches deep outside! It started this morning abou the time I took Tater for our early morning freeze/walk and didn't stop until about 1pm. And I love it (of course by March I'll be sick of it but if it is going to be cold outside anyway, I would much prefer that there be snow on the ground).

I also received my first bloggy give-away prize in the mail today (which was kind of a mixed blessing because somehow that meant that my magazine and mail got a little soggy in the bottom of the mailbox, but the box didn't... weird). It is a Chex Mix spa basket with lots of nice stuff (loofah, back massager, Chex Mix Turtle bars, and yummy smelling lotion). Thank you Frugal Finds (check out her website if you get a minute, there are some great deals and lots of freebies listed)!

I was supposed to go back to campus this evening to watch Miracle... but with the snow and my general Monday apathy I decided to stay home this evening and work on a Christmas present instead! Also, Reid and I bought some supplies at the hardware store for the puppet/puppeteer attaching debacle of 2008... once we have the proto-types built (and after I patent the stupid thing... just kidding) I'll post about them. There have been many attempts but I think this one might actually work!

A few of my family members are doing this once-a-day posting with me and have said that they can't think of things to say on their blog... can you tell that doesn't seem to be my problem? Now coming up with something interesting to say... well, that's a horse of a different color! Ta-ta for now... talk at you tomorrow!


Alaina said...

I just got a Chex Mix basket today, too from a different giveaway though. I already tried the bars and yum...I'll be hiding the rest! :)

Alice said...

Snow. I like it too. We just got cold here, no moisture!
And I can't wait to see how you finally solved the puppet problem.

Jamie said...

Yeah snow!