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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

When you are far from family and friends it can be easy to let yourself get down... I was feeling that way last night. Thanksgiving dinner for two is jut anti-climactic (when should I make this? When that? Does it really matter?).

And then I shook my head and did a reality check. I am one of the luckiest people in the world and I have an amazing abundance of things to be thankful for (one of them being a tremendous man who is spending his Thanksgiving Day also having a meal for two). We're going to go buy a Christmas Tree today if we can find one and then spend the evening eating and decorating together. We may even find some time to make a list of the things that we're thankful for this year and post them right back here.

So, where-ever you are and whomever you are with, know that I am thinking of you and wishing you good fellowship, communion and cheer on this happy Thanksgiving Day!


Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Hi Jenna. I would toast you with a huge slice of sweet potato pie if we still had such a thing at our house.

It was my first Thanksgiving away from home, and I know how weird it can feel. But it sure reminds you of the things you're truly thankful for in life, huh?
Happy Thanksgiving to you, and I am so tickled to see my website on your blog list--what a treat.

Jamie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We miss you. (Anne says hi too.) Also, I have a funny story to tell you about the way I read the blog, it is simply inappropriate for public comments.

jody said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jenna and Reid! I always feel a little bit the same way around the holidays, missing the family and wishing it were more than "just the two of us". Thinking of you often and wish we could visit more than we do.
Love you both!