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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ever have one of those Sundays where everything goes just fine but you still feel blah? Yeah, that's today. In fact I accidentally hit post for this entry when it had nothing more than a title... and thought that summed it up pretty well. Don't get me wrong. Today has been fine. We got up late, and ate a late breakfast (and then a late lunch). I re-watched the Simpson movie (which made me laugh) and Reid played on the computer. I talked to two friends on the phone, one for about half an hour and the other for over an hour. So today was a good day. Of course I'm now facing going back to school to do some class prep for this coming week and then being there for the first dress rehearsal of The Mystery Plays... which means I won't get home until late. Perhaps that is why I'm feeling blah.

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is not this week but next?? How fast is time flying? After that we only have two more weeks of school and then finals... and then I'm done... until next semester when it all starts over again! Okay, I'm going to go spend a few minutes cuddling with my hubby before it's back to school.

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Alice said...

I'm thinking Thansgiving break will help a bit with the blahs!