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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sore... But good!

The signs of needing a change have been mounting over the last few weeks. I went to the employee health fair at school a couple of weeks ago and had my blood pressure checked. It was high. A little scary high... of course part of that is because now when I think about getting my blood pressure checked it goes up because I know it's going to be high, which makes me nervous and raises it. But it doesn't raise it THAT much. Sign number one.

Then I threw my back out, which meant that I couldn't start exercising but also meant that I really needed to because most likely the reason I threw out my back in the first place was weak stomach and back muscles. Sign number two.

Yesterday I picked up my blood test results from the health fair. Apparently not only is my blood pressure high, but my cholesterol is also high. Sign number three.

So... I started exercising this morning. Reid and I are pretty good about watching the foods that we eat (I could be a little bit better, particularly with sodium) but I live a completely sedentary life and that needs to change. So this morning I got up, took Tater for his morning walk and then popped in one of the work out videos that I bought (probably around this time last year). And yes, about three quarters of the way through the lowest level work-out I had to lay down because I thought I was going to throw up... but I did it. I even got back up and did the cool down with the DVD. My plan is to do this work-out on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and then once over the weekend... and then add on as my endurance progresses. I mainly need cardio, though a little bit of strength training wouldn't hurt either.

I would like to use my internet friends for support in this endeavor. Of course I would love to look great, but primarily I want to be healthy... So, if you are willing, hold me accountable okay? 'Cause goodness knows that if this doesn't work, I may have to join some organized sports team (and we all know how much that scares me!).


Debbie said...

Snow makes all those numbers go up. Go out and make a few snow angels for exercise.

lynne said...

I need to start running again, I thought I'd use my upcoming reunion as a good reason to get in shape, but no go. Since you're starting, I think I will too. Hopefully your exercising will guilt me into running!

Alaina said...

I need to join you! Keeping up with my kids isn't enough :) - I need some deliberate excercise time. I like pilates. Okay, you are totally inspiring me...I'm always bad at the holidays...

JayD said...

You need to watch for those signs. You might trip over one of them and hurt yourself.

I don't see you as much of an organized sport team kind of gal but couldn't you join some other staff people at the college in an "organized" workout? Meet at the gym there on campus and "work out" together?

Alice said...

I probably should be joining you but just don't have the energy.
Oh and that blood pressure is Carty but the cholesterol is all DOTY!

Jamie said...

Winter is the perfect time to start a work out routine, I always work out more in winter for lack of anything better to do. After baby arrives and I am back at work, I will be heading down to the DFAS gym at lunch.