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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have much to be thankful for in the Neilsen household...

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

(And as an aside because this blog is increasingly serving as Wesley's baby book, at Wesley's 9 month appointment a week and two days ago, he weighed 16 lbs. 1oz, was 29" tall with a head circumference of 43.5 cm. He is a long and thin boy, being about average in height and in the 3rd percentile for weight. We think he's just perfect!)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Middle of November...

Hello everyone! (says blue eyes)

We're steam-rolling through the end of this year, aren't we? I swear Wesley was just dressed up in his lion costume... now I've blinked and it's two weeks later. I am hard at work on the costumes of Little Match Girl. I'm also enjoying teaching, especially my improv class which is scheduled to have a performance at the end of the semester and that I am currently organizing into an improv troupe to start next semester. It is so awesome to have one class that I am guaranteed to laugh over and over again in and my students are delivering. Reid has had several orders for the White Mountain Forge (makes great Christmas presents if anyone wants to order something... but we'll be away from the forge starting Dec. 18 so you'll need to order before then)! :) He's also done two craft shows in the last few weeks which has gotten his name and business cards out in the community some as well.

In the last two weeks Wesley has also transitioned to full time day care. He was going Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then coming to school with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But... those two days a week I was getting nothing done and he was quickly coming to resent my office as a room full of no-no's. The first full week was really rough on me (he was fine with it as he loves his teacher, classmates and a room full of toys to explore) but we're doing better now and I keep telling myself it is only a month until we have a full month off for the holidays! Hooray!

Wesley now has FIVE teeth that have cut through, the two top and two bottom center teeth along with the next one on the upper left. He is pulling up on everything and is creeping along the sofa. He's also standing and letting go with one hand. Walking may still be a ways off but he is figuring out this balance thing! In fact, just yesterday he learned that he can pull up at the piano and reach the keys (which he is doing right now)!

He is still amazingly social and flirts with just about everyone he meets, always ready with a smile. His teacher frequently comments on how vocal he is. She has told me that some of the noises he makes she has never heard another child make (and she has been in early childhood teaching for almost 10 years)! We're especially fond of what he has coined his "dragon" noises. They are low, breathy noises usually made while he is engrossed in studying a toy.
And now, some photos from the last few days...

Wesley standing at the bar in his classroom... he pulls himself up on this thing ALL DAY long according to his teacher. Maybe we have a future dancer?

Playing PS3 with daddy this morning... what sort of child are we creating?? :)

And look who is pulling mommy's strings! As if there was any question...

Daddy's PS3 games have been relocated, thanks to the big helper Wesley!

Mommy couldn't resist these PJs at the resale shop... I think they both like them!

Wesley likes to bite! Toys, however, are much more appropriate than mommy or daddy.

Wesley is on a strict workout regiment which includes pushing around daddy's weights.

Look who was in the hay stacks behind our house a week ago!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

"Grrr!" says the lion sitting in wait behind the log!

Surveying his domain from the stump in the front yard!

Wesley is now, officially, nine months old. And yesterday, in honor of his 9 month birthday, he got up on his hands and knees and crawled (rather than belly crawled) across the living room floor! He is also sitting up from his belly which makes his life so much better! He is getting much more coordinated with picking things up and manipulating them. And, he is pulling up and cruising along the sofa! How big is Wesley? SOOO Big! :)

We went to a Halloween party last night and had a great time!

The "Cowardly Lion" with his good friend "Dorothy" (aka Renee)

One tuckered out lion... he simply fell asleep on their porch seat!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

38 Weeks...

Birthdays are important... six months was important because it was half a year. But in a big way, today is that important or more. Today marks 38 weeks that Wesley has been on the outside. That means from here on out he will have been out longer than he was inside.

Thirty-eight weeks...

To Go From This...

To This...

To this...
Blogging has definitely gotten harder (as the complete dirth of posts and the photo above shows)! But in every other way life just gets better and better. I love our baby Wesley!

Eating "cheerios" for the first time (they were actually organic Breakfast O's but the same jist)
These are officially the dogs' favorite baby food thus far as pieces would fall from the sky!

Cutest baby in the world? You decide... earlier this week when it was cold enough one morning to wear his winter hat for the first time!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eight Months (and five days) Old!

Cuteness personified!

Wesley, you turned eight months last week... do you know that is 2/3 of a year? My, oh my, where has the time gone?

I had been waiting until I had the proper amount of time to do this post. I realized this morning that if I wait until I have that you'll be nine months old, at least! So, I'm writing this while you are laying on the floor playing with the pulls to the entertainment center (who needs baby toys?).

What are you up to this month? It seems like you made leaps and bounds in terms of movement. You are now commando crawling (where you pull yourself along with your arms dragging your belly on the ground) with gusto and get just about anywhere you want to that way. You're also starting to figure out how to go from sitting to being on your belly without falling over which makes you much happier!

You have started to cut your first tooth and although it is coming in slowly it has caused you little to no fussing. It is the bottom left front tooth I believe. Very soon your toothless grin will be gone! And speaking of grins, you have started to wrinkle up your eyes and nose when you are socially smiling at people which is very endearing.

Showing off your new grin!

You are pulling up (or trying to) on anything that will let you. The sofa is still a little high but if someone puts their hand under your arm or on your back you'll attempt it. You are becoming an expert at pulling up on Mommy and Daddy.

You are saying quite a few consonant and vowel sounds, including pretty regular da-da-da-da... still no ma-ma-ma-ma though! :) Also in the last week you have found the loudest, most high pitch scream I have ever heard from a baby and you like to use it when you are not getting enough attention and want some more!

Everyone who meets you comments on what a terrifically happy baby you are and you truly are. You cry very rarely and are very happy to offer people smiles. You also learned last week how to applaud (by holding one hand still and hitting it with the other) and will spontaneously break out in applause, especially at mealtimes. We're working on waving now, though it is currently more of a Nazi salute (straight arm, up against the cheek and then waved slightly).

Speaking of mealtimes (and not Nazis), you LOVE your fruits... peaches, pears, blueberries, apple... yes please! You are not quite as crazy about the veggies but will usually eat them too, including sweet potato, broccoli, avocado, beets, and carrots. However, you strongly dislike peas and will avoid eating them if at all possible. Same with pumpkin.

Eating blueberries is serious business!

You had your first "babysitting" experience this past weekend when mommy and daddy went to the opening night of Two Rooms. You stayed with friends of mommy and daddy who between the two of them have at least six higher education degrees. And from the pictures they took of you laughing and smiling, you had a great time!

You've also adjusted well to daycare. You love your teachers and there are so many toys to play with! You're now taking bottles from them well and even an occasional nap. You have no idea how thankful I am that this is the case because it means I can leave you there with less guilt and anxiety. There have even been several mornings where I have dropped you off and you don't cry! Of course, I think the fact that I get there early enough that I can spend a full twenty minutes in the room with you to help you transition helps... or maybe it's for me to transition. Probably more me!
I'm sure there is more but you have long since grown weary of the drawer pull and are now trying to climb me which makes blogging difficult... but you're definitely worth it!

With daddy at your friend's first birthday party

With mommy in your duck-hood towel (thanks Aunt Jodie!)

And in your adorable frog sweater jacket (thanks again Aunt Jodie!)

Here I come!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A long Few Weeks...

Wesley yesterday morning before we left (wearing daddy's hat)

On top of having a cold that I thought I had finally fought off (only to wake this morning with a sore throat) I have been in rehearsal directing my show every evening the last few weeks... hence the dirth of posting. But I wanted to get a few pictures up of our day yesterday. In a fit of crazies, Reid, Wesley and I drove three hours to Santa Fe, spent about three hours at the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair and then drove back three hours. It was a fun time but we also had the ulterior motive of wanting to check it out for being a potential vendor next year with Reid's blacksmithing. There was only one other blacksmith there and his stuff was very specific (and expensive) artwork. We both definitely agreed that it is worth exploring more and he signed up to be on their vendor mailing.

On the side of the road... we had to stop on the way there because Wes was fussing so much. He slept all of about forty minutes of the 6+ hours in the car.

Exhausted! Talking a nap on mommy... (this is what happens when you don't sleep in the car)

A part of the museum grounds... it is obviously devoted to the Spanish heritage of New Mexico

It was also held at a living history museum, something of course that is both near and dear to Reid and I. And though a little warm (New Mexico in September is a bit hot in the sun), we had a great time. Now back to the grind stone for two more weeks... then rehearsals will be over and I'll be able to breathe a little (though then costumes for the holiday show will be upon me... but one thing at a time)!

Meeting a dragon!

Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Months!

Alright, so Wesley turned seven months at the beginning of this week. But I can honestly say that this is the first time this week I've been sitting in front of my computer long enough to post to my blog. The first week of school is always crazy. But for me it has been the first two weeks. Reid and I spent the last entire weekend driving up to Cheyenne, WY where I had a board meeting for the Rocky Mountain Theatre Association (of which I am now the vice-president). Cheyenne is 335 miles from Alamosa... We drove to Denver on Friday, drove up to Cheyenne and back to Denver on Saturday and drove home Sunday morning. I then had auditions for the play I'm directing on Sunday and have had rehearsals every night this week. That means my days start at 6am when the alarm goes off and I get home between 9:30 and 10:30 at night... but it's only for another five weeks and then having my evenings back will feel like a gift!

And in other news, Reid got his first official order through his website, http://www.whitemountainforge.com/! We're very exciting that someone in New Hampshire found our site and ordered hooks. If you have any interest in having Reid make you a hand forged item (or many items) feel free to go take a look! I'm really proud of him.

But... on to Wesley. Wesley, you are now sitting like a champ! You rarely fall over, though when you do it is heart breaking because you rarely brace yourself and so your head hits the floor with a thud. Then you cry the most awful hurt cry until someone scoops you up and kisses you copiously. This is why I'm glad you are such a pro-sitter!

Pro-sitting on a gigantic sofa in our hotel suite... doesn't he look tiny?!

And pro-sitting on the bed as well! You were so happy to get out of the carseat.

You are trying so hard to crawl but you just can't yet get your arms and knees to work together yet... my guess is that by your eight month update you will be.

You eat all sorts of foods now! Some of your favorites include avocado (you ALWAYS finish your avocado), zucchini and peach. We just started carrots this week and next on the list is pumpkin!

Your giggle is infectious and you luckily grace us with it often. We can get you to giggle by tickling you, especially under the chin and under your arms. You also love playing peek-a-boo. You giggle when mommy or daddy reappear and you pull the blanket off your own face when it's your turn.

You are adjusting to daycare much more quickly than mommy! Today I called and checked on you but for the first time I didn't come by at lunch and you did great! When I called to check your teacher said that today would be a good day for me to not come because you were doing so well... if I was ready! Guess she knows who really has the separation anxiety, hunh? You even took two ounces from a bottle for Ms. Corri, as well as a one hour nap (which is really long for you at daycare)!

Speaking of bottles, just a few days before we went back to school you decided that bottles weren't so bad after all. Boy did that give me more confidence for taking you to daycare and for going to play rehearsal! Now you take a bottle from daddy every night to go to sleep with no fuss. What a good boy!

You have quite a bit of hair but it is so blond and so fine that you really can't see it unless you're right up close to it. Still no teeth. You are so long that a few of your 6-9 month sleepers are getting snug. And while in Denver daddy and I took the opportunity to buy you a big boy carseat. Though still rear facing, you are no longer riding in your bucketseat. You' now in what we call your "big boy chair."

In your "Big Boy" Seat

Everywhere we go people comment on what a good baby you are and I don't think they're exaggerating a bit. You very rarely cry. You have a smile for almost everyone you meet. You can easily entertain yourself with a toy for minutes on end. And did I mention your smile?? Because it can't melt just about anyone's heart! I love you little boy!
A big boy in his exersaucer!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Longest Week Ever...

How can it only be Wednesday? The first week of school is always long. The first DAY with an almost seven month old was long! We started the school year on Friday. Wesley's daycare didn't start until Monday. That meant he had his first day of college with me! He went to the all faculty/staff welcome back meeting. Then we headed over to the freshman convocation, followed by the welcome barbecue/picnic. That was followed by a short nap in mommy's office (and I'm proud to report I was NOT the one napping) and then a meeting with our freshman theatre majors. After that we went to an hour and a half long departmental meeting (during which Wes slept for about an hour in my arms... good boy!). Then we finished the day with a faculty and staff welcome back get-together with food and drinks. Tired yet? We were at school for eleven hours! And Wesley did a bang up job receiving several compliments for how well behaved he was.

Monday was not as difficult on me as I thought it would be. I went and visited him during lunch and picked him up early. He seemed to genuinely enjoy his classroom, his teacher and his classmates. Tuesday was a long day with him in my office but I love that I only have to put him in daycare three days a week so for now I'll sacrifice not getting much work done on Tuesdays and Thursdays for having him with me. Apparently this morning was harder at daycare. The novelty had worn off and he wanted mommy back! But I stopped by at lunch, fed him, nursed him and rocked him to sleep. He slept for almost an hour after I left and apparently woke in a much better mood. However, he still didn't let me put him back down when I picked him up this evening... but that's okay. I like being his favorite person!

And now... a few gratuitous Wesley pictures from the last week!

Mommy and Wes on the 1st day of school!

Daddy and Wes on the first day of school!

Wesley likes peaches!

And beets are okay (though better for wearing than for eating).

Don't you love sleeping baby/daddy pictures?

And chillin' with mommy is nice too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Harder on Mommy?

I took Wesley in to Wee Care again today (we went on Monday as well) just to hang out in the room some more and get used to the teacher and other babies. I left the room for a minute to run a check down to the director's office. On my way back to the room I heard a most familiar cry. I quickened my step and when I got there the substitute teacher (his regular teacher was at lunch) was holding him. He was sitting up when I left, had fallen over (a very normal occurence which usually doesn't elicit tears) and she said he had been fine until he looked up and realized that she was not me... then he burst into tears. His cry sounded like the ultimate in abandonment. I, of course, scooped him and he stopped crying... but this doesn't help with my fear of next Monday. Tell me that my son won't feel like I've abandoned him. Tell me that he won't think the one constant person in his life, the one who is ALWAYS there to comfort him and smile at him has just decided he isn't important any more and left him. Monday might just be the hardest day of my life.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Long Time...

"Well, hi! Where have you been?"

I know I haven't posted in awhile. I was toying with a post about the anxiety I feel going back to work and leaving Wes in daycare. Then, over the last two days, Reid and I had our world turned upside down (or so it felt) when our daycare provider called and said that she took another job and wouldn't be able to watch Wes after all. We were left scrambling, interviewing people both licensed and unlicensed. We had looked at one of the only true daycare centers here in the Valley at the beginning of the summer and called them again on Wednesday. They told us that another family had been offered the slot that they had recently called and offered us (which we turned down thinking we had this other person lined up). And they told us they wouldn't know what the other family wanted to do until today. So... we waited an anxious two days. Then I called this afternoon and, apparently, Friday the 13th is good luck for us because the other family only wanted daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays... we had been hoping for Monday, Wednesday, Friday! So... Wes has daycare again. Of course I still have anxiety but it's different now. He is in a center, which I didn't really want, but I'm sure he'll be well taken care of. And most importantly, the facility is literally five blocks from my theatre. So, I can get to him whenever I want. No doubt, his classroom teacher is going to be sick of me!

And now on to happier tidings... we're still working on painting the house so I'm not going to post pictures until it is all the way done. But last weekend we rented the power washer and the paint sprayer. The main color is up and I've been doing touch-up/trim work all week. Of course, I can only do half an hour to an hour at a time because that is all the longest that Wes will sit in his exersaucer or bouncy seat! So, Reid and I are going to try to tackle a lot of the trim this weekend with the hope that it won't take too long if we make a full-on effort.

And speaking of Wes, he is growing and making leaps and bounds. Though still a baby, he is becoming an increasingly interesting and active baby! I promised his Grandma Annie that I would take a camera with me to the grocery store because look what he is doing...

That's right! Just like a big kid, he can now sit up in the front seat of the cart!

Of course he still sometimes slips down and then we get this face!

"What you doin' back there mom? Didn't you just put all that stuff in the cart? And now you're taking it all back out?" He actually spent a lot of the trip this way. Apparently he likes to see where we're going, not where we've been!

And back home, showing off his mad sitting skillz... getting stronger every day!