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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Longest Week Ever...

How can it only be Wednesday? The first week of school is always long. The first DAY with an almost seven month old was long! We started the school year on Friday. Wesley's daycare didn't start until Monday. That meant he had his first day of college with me! He went to the all faculty/staff welcome back meeting. Then we headed over to the freshman convocation, followed by the welcome barbecue/picnic. That was followed by a short nap in mommy's office (and I'm proud to report I was NOT the one napping) and then a meeting with our freshman theatre majors. After that we went to an hour and a half long departmental meeting (during which Wes slept for about an hour in my arms... good boy!). Then we finished the day with a faculty and staff welcome back get-together with food and drinks. Tired yet? We were at school for eleven hours! And Wesley did a bang up job receiving several compliments for how well behaved he was.

Monday was not as difficult on me as I thought it would be. I went and visited him during lunch and picked him up early. He seemed to genuinely enjoy his classroom, his teacher and his classmates. Tuesday was a long day with him in my office but I love that I only have to put him in daycare three days a week so for now I'll sacrifice not getting much work done on Tuesdays and Thursdays for having him with me. Apparently this morning was harder at daycare. The novelty had worn off and he wanted mommy back! But I stopped by at lunch, fed him, nursed him and rocked him to sleep. He slept for almost an hour after I left and apparently woke in a much better mood. However, he still didn't let me put him back down when I picked him up this evening... but that's okay. I like being his favorite person!

And now... a few gratuitous Wesley pictures from the last week!

Mommy and Wes on the 1st day of school!

Daddy and Wes on the first day of school!

Wesley likes peaches!

And beets are okay (though better for wearing than for eating).

Don't you love sleeping baby/daddy pictures?

And chillin' with mommy is nice too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Harder on Mommy?

I took Wesley in to Wee Care again today (we went on Monday as well) just to hang out in the room some more and get used to the teacher and other babies. I left the room for a minute to run a check down to the director's office. On my way back to the room I heard a most familiar cry. I quickened my step and when I got there the substitute teacher (his regular teacher was at lunch) was holding him. He was sitting up when I left, had fallen over (a very normal occurence which usually doesn't elicit tears) and she said he had been fine until he looked up and realized that she was not me... then he burst into tears. His cry sounded like the ultimate in abandonment. I, of course, scooped him and he stopped crying... but this doesn't help with my fear of next Monday. Tell me that my son won't feel like I've abandoned him. Tell me that he won't think the one constant person in his life, the one who is ALWAYS there to comfort him and smile at him has just decided he isn't important any more and left him. Monday might just be the hardest day of my life.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Long Time...

"Well, hi! Where have you been?"

I know I haven't posted in awhile. I was toying with a post about the anxiety I feel going back to work and leaving Wes in daycare. Then, over the last two days, Reid and I had our world turned upside down (or so it felt) when our daycare provider called and said that she took another job and wouldn't be able to watch Wes after all. We were left scrambling, interviewing people both licensed and unlicensed. We had looked at one of the only true daycare centers here in the Valley at the beginning of the summer and called them again on Wednesday. They told us that another family had been offered the slot that they had recently called and offered us (which we turned down thinking we had this other person lined up). And they told us they wouldn't know what the other family wanted to do until today. So... we waited an anxious two days. Then I called this afternoon and, apparently, Friday the 13th is good luck for us because the other family only wanted daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays... we had been hoping for Monday, Wednesday, Friday! So... Wes has daycare again. Of course I still have anxiety but it's different now. He is in a center, which I didn't really want, but I'm sure he'll be well taken care of. And most importantly, the facility is literally five blocks from my theatre. So, I can get to him whenever I want. No doubt, his classroom teacher is going to be sick of me!

And now on to happier tidings... we're still working on painting the house so I'm not going to post pictures until it is all the way done. But last weekend we rented the power washer and the paint sprayer. The main color is up and I've been doing touch-up/trim work all week. Of course, I can only do half an hour to an hour at a time because that is all the longest that Wes will sit in his exersaucer or bouncy seat! So, Reid and I are going to try to tackle a lot of the trim this weekend with the hope that it won't take too long if we make a full-on effort.

And speaking of Wes, he is growing and making leaps and bounds. Though still a baby, he is becoming an increasingly interesting and active baby! I promised his Grandma Annie that I would take a camera with me to the grocery store because look what he is doing...

That's right! Just like a big kid, he can now sit up in the front seat of the cart!

Of course he still sometimes slips down and then we get this face!

"What you doin' back there mom? Didn't you just put all that stuff in the cart? And now you're taking it all back out?" He actually spent a lot of the trip this way. Apparently he likes to see where we're going, not where we've been!

And back home, showing off his mad sitting skillz... getting stronger every day!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I’m normally a words/photos person. But today I’m going to try my hand at numbers…

8 = number of years since I married my husband
5= number of times we’ve moved in those 8 years
3= number of states we’ve lived in during that time
13= number of jobs we’ve collectively had in those last eight years!
6= number of months since we met the most important person in our lives
22+= number of years we’re now responsible for said person!
5= number of pets we’ve adopted
9= number of puppies we helped deliver
2= number of just for us vacations we’ve taken (think we need to work on that one!)
1000s= number of miles we’ve traveled together
Millions= number of times we’ve said I love you
8 = number of years since I made the best decision of my life

I love you Reid! Happy anniversary to the best husband. father and friend I know! Cheers to eight being only the beginning!

(And Wesley’s stats at 6 months:
15 lbs. = 25th percentile
28 in. = 90th percentile!)