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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So, here we are in mid-April. That means that Wesley is 14 and a half months old! It's funny how we never think we'll forget things... but we always do. So, I wanted to chronicle just a few things that Wesley is doing right now so that I don't forget them.

One thing Wesley is not doing yet is walking. He is creeping along the edges of furniture. He'll hold on to something with the most cavalier nature, with just a few fingers grasping the edge of the piece of furniture or your fingers. But so far, he hasn't dared himself to let go and walk... yet. He is, however, climbing like he was born to. He gets up (and back down) from the sofa. He has successfully climbed the piano bench. He not only climbs the two step footstool in the kitchen but will push it around the kitchen, climbing onto the kitchen table and the counters. He LOVES the stairs and will go up and down them as many times as we let him in. In fact, if he puts at the babygate to the stairs and we tell him "No, not right now" he will throw himself down on the floor in a most pathetic little puddle (sometimes even backing it up with real tears).

Wesley is communicating more and more every day. He can successfully say mama, dada, that a dog says "wa-wa" and a cow says "moo." He makes the sign for "all done" (though it honestly means "I'm bored" as he makes it when he's in his high chair and wants down even if he's still hungry). He waves hello and goodbye and nods his head yes in agreement. He'll hold a book up wanting you to read it (even if you've read it multiple times to him already). My favorite is that he and I created a signal for nursing. He looks at me and then pats his chest with both hands. Much better than pulling down my tank top at Walmart!

He is doing a great job of being gentle with our pets and is understanding perrimeters more and more. In fact, he will now look at the dogs' water bowl and then look at us before heading towards it. And when we tell him no, most of the time he'll just head off in a different direction rather than trying to splash in it!

He LOVES reading books together and will sit through just about as many you will read to him. Some of his favorite titles include "Hurry, Hurry", "101 Dalmations" (which we've nicknamed "Pepper", the main character) and "Can You?" a book of questions about things that animals can do (such as "Can you stand tall like a meerkat?").

He will eat just about anything, though he still doesn't eat much at any one sitting. We went to a Japanese restaurant this past weekend while in Denver and he loved both the gyoza and the gari! As both are very strong flavors I was pretty surprised. His favorite vegetable is definitely green beans and so far the kid hasn't met a fruit he didn't like!