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Monday, May 26, 2008

When the box is a rocking...

Come and scritch her ears! Glory has been "nesting" all day, going between the nesting box that we made for her out of a cardboard box on its side and Tater's crate that we've put lots of scraps in. She goes into one of them, scratches awhile and then lays down. And then she gets up, whines for a little bit looking for someone to pet her and then goes back and lays down. She is also panting a lot and we think this may be the real thing... only time will tell. We'll keep you posted!

Also, while we've been waiting for puppies this weekend we've been painting the kitchen! I have the before, and the during pictures. Reid is in the garage right now putting hinges on the cabinet doors. Then we'll hang them and then I'll post all of the pictures. And one more home improvement project will be completed! Hooray!

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Ann said...

We are placing bets on how many puppies Glory will have. I'm with you, hope it's lots of little ones because she is enormous! I'm guessing 8.