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Friday, May 9, 2008

Reid is home!!

Hooray! Reid is home... we have about half the truck unloaded (nothing put away but half unloaded). I have graduation tomorrow morning and then we'll unload the rest tomorrow afternoon. I'll try and post pictures some time tomorrow... I realized that with the move/etc., it has been a really long time since I posted pictures! But I downloaded them all off the computer this evening, and will take some of the stuff around the house tomorrow! I just wanted everyone to know that Reid, the truck and the mirage all arrived safely!


Sarah said...


JayD said...


amy said...

Woah! For a minute I was stumped by what you meant by "mirage" and thought you had something amazing and cool to share. Then I realized you probably meant the car. But yay! for safe arrivals and new pictures!

Alice said...

Daddy told me last night but I had turned off the lap top. Glad he made it ok.
Love ya

Jamie said...

Glad Reid completed the trek of 2008! I know that is a relief. Have fun unpacking all the goodies he brought back.