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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Puppy Introductions Part 1

I thought I'd spend a few posts introducing you to the puppies individually. First off, I'm going to apologize for the blurriness of some of the pictures. Our bathroom doesn't have great light. Puppies squirm and I don't want to get the flash too close to their little unopened eyes.
So, without further ado...

Meet Tank. Tank was the first delivered, at 7:35pm Monday evening. He was the biggest at birth and is now tied as the biggest with Caboose, below. I don't think Tank looks all that much like a beagle, though he does have the floppy ears. He is all black except for a long white strip that runs from under his chin down his chest. Tank is a mild mannered guy, just so long as you are not between him and a teet!

(Tank sometimes thinks the world is just too much too handle)
And then there is Caboose. As his name suggests, he was born last at 12:40am. He started out much smaller than Tank, but in the last two days has gained weight and they are now 13oz each. Caboose has the same coloring as Tank, though the white on his throat and the white on his chest is separated by a little black strip. Otherwise, these two are identical (and I think it's fitting that they were first and last). Caboose is about as laid back as they come. An avid milk fan, he almost fell asleep in the scale when we were weighing him today (all of the others wiggle quite a bit).

And finally in this patch, Diamond. Diamond was third born at 9:05pm, and is named for the little white patch that is in between his shoulder blades. He is consistent, as each time we've weighed him he has gained an ounce. Though he often gets lost in the mix of other predominantly black pups, he is beginning to develop the tri-colors of a beagle.

Check in next time for three more beagle pups...

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