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Friday, May 30, 2008

Ah... this is why we live in Colorado!

The winds have been bad this spring. Now, I'm told that they're bad every spring but I have to believe they were especially bad this year because I can't face the idea of every spring having them be this bad... hopefully by next year I will have forgotten them. But today is beautiful, sunny and perfectly still.

Of course, that means that the mosquitoes are out, which is why I bought $10 worth of bug spray at the grocery store today. One for every day wear (because unfortunately I think I'm going to have to wear it every day as I am already covered with bites) and one for our future camping expeditions (the heavy stuff).

And here are a few pictures to reinforce the beauty of where we live (and one gratuitous puppy picture because, let's face it, they are my life right now!). The first three were all taken from the deck off the kitchen.
(To the South-West)

(To the West- virtually all of the sunrises and sunsets here are magnificent)

(To the North- the mountains and some of the northern fields got rain that night)

(I'm thinking of starting a rowing team with these puppies... their form and unison with their upper arms on mom's belly is fantastic for four days old!)


Donna said...

Such beauty!!

Colorado is on our list of places to visit!!

Oh....I really want some puppies!!!!

Jamie said...

Colorado is gorgeous, I can't wait to visit.