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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Vote!

Since it's been so long since I've posted... As most of you know, I'm going to a conference this coming week. It is a diversity/leadership type training and a requirement is that we bring an item of cultural and/or familial significance with us. I have thought long and hard about what I want to take... and the truth is I can't decide.

I have finally narrowed it down to two items and I thought I would put it to a vote for the few people who read my blog to help me. Now, I'm not saying I'll take what y'all vote for, but generally it helps me when someone else tells me what to do. If I agree with them, that's what I wanted to do all along. If I don't, then I go with the other thing and feel peace.

So the two items are:
1. A hand-woven rug that my maternal grandmother made. One of my first memories is of sewing strips of fabric together to make this type of rug. In fact, I believe that my first sewing ever was this sort of strip sewing. She had to put a box under the pedal for me to reach it. And we all know how important sewing has become in my life. Heck, it's a large part of why I'm at Adams now.

2. My daycap from Conner Prairie- The thing is practically see through it was worn and washed so many times! Conner was a place where I literally, and figuratively, grew up. I wore that day cap almost every day I was there. It's a great symbol for how far women have come and yet that in some ways we are worse off (not as women, just as a society). Conner is the one place in my life where I really felt like one of the "cool" kids. It gave me some great friends, great memories, a great training in theatre and improv... oh yeah, and my husband too!

So, what do you think? After writing these, I think I know which one I'm going to take. But I'd like your input... or is there something else huge in my life that I'm forgetting that I should take? I'm pretty sure they won't let me bring Tater...


JayD said...

Boy, that's a tough call. I could vote for either. The rug also links you with your paternal grandmother and your father's paternal grandmother. But as you mention the daycap is/was a pretty big part of your life.....uhhhh I abstain.

Alice said...

Daddy's a whimp! LOL
If they won't let you bring Tater, and I can understand thier point of view, I'd take both! Tuck the day cap in, take the rug and see which feels right when you get there. Heck, you could show both and explain why. See, I didn't vote either, but I did give advice! LOL
Pushed, I'd take the daycap.

Merrilee said...

Well, I'm completely biased since I first met you while both of us were wearing day caps. So of course I'm going to vote for that one! However, there could some practicality involved here: which is easier to pack? A rug or a small daycap which fits almost anywhere????

Sarah said...

I like mom's answer - like in Into the Woods - your decision is not to decide! Take them both :)

Jenny said...

Well, I'm going with Mer here, for the same reason.
I remember the little shrimp who was friend Sarah's little sister. :) (you did outgrow the little shrimp part. And got to be my own friend, too.)
Take the daycap.
(the crowd starts to chant:
"day CAP! day CAP!"

Jamie said...

I think the day cap, it represents both your growth and cultrual growth of women. However, I think both fit the bill.

Alaina said...

I totally missed this post...:( I would have voted for the day cap for the same reason as Mer - we became friends! :) I miss those days...