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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Final Three

I hate to say that I saved my favorites for last, because they truly are all adorable and sweet in their own ways... but these three little girls definitely have a soft spot in my heart.

First is Two Spot. I think the reason for her name is pretty obvious. She was seventh in the order, born at 11:46pm. Though healthy, she was the "runt" weighing the least at 7oz. But not anymore... last night she weighed in at 11.5oz! That's right... she has gained four and a half ounces in two and a half days. Somebody is obviously a fan of nursing! Even given her weight gain, however, she remains petite looking and I think she'll stay a "dainty" little girl.

Next is Squeaker (also known as Lots of White). She was number 6, born at 10:33pm and weighing eight ounces. She didn't gain yesterday but I cheated and put her on the scale a little bit ago and is now happily hovering around eleven. Her name, you might ask? Within an hour of being born we placed her in the warming basket to allow Mama to deliver Two Spot. She almost immediately fell asleep and started squeaking. Though all the puppies are vocal, she is the loudest, especially while asleep. She is already barking, baying and singing and is a regular in the late night performances.

And Finally, we have Panda. I know that in truth she doesn't look much like a panda (no white circles around her eyes) and yet something about the shape of her head and the black/white markings of her head make me think of a baby panda bear when I look at her. And since I'm the one being woken up in the middle of the night by them (Reid contentedly sleeps right through, an omen of what is to come??), I get to call them what I want! Panda was our first girl, fourth puppy, born at 9:10pm. She has gained 3 1/2 ounces since birth, when she weighed a respectable 9oz. She is sweet and cuddly... and is also a big fan of nursing and chirping.

And that's the lot of them... Tank, Twin Boy, Diamond, Panda, Kink, Squeaker, Two Spot, Twin Girl and Caboose... yeah, I said I wouldn't name them. You can see how long that lasted!


Jamie said...

very adorable, but don't fall in love with all of them! I know you live in the country but 11 dogs and two cats would still be alot to handle.

Donna said...

They are all so itty bitty and sweet. If I was close I would be over there holding and loving them LOTS.

You make me want to adopt a preggo dog, so I can experience the sweet miracle of doggy birthing experience.

I bet you keep at least one.

Ann said...

Everytime I think I have a favorite, another one catches my eye. For once I'm glad you live far away in Colorado! Puppies are just so tempting.

Alice said...

Cute cute cute. I like Squeaker.

JayD said...

Should we start a new pool? How long until Jenna and Reid end up with puppies coming to live with them?

Alaina said...

Oh, they are just the cutest! So sweet. Makes me want another puppy... :)

Merrilee said...

Ohhh, they are adorable!!!!!!!
Just seeing the pictures of them makes me want to hold them too.

moondaiseez said...

What a bunch of cuties. It is too bad taht 11 dogs and two cats is a bit too many. It would be fun to see them all grow up. I'm just glad I don't have to wake up at night to their singing.

We have enough middle of the night kicking going on as it is.

And for the record, I can totally see what you are saying about Panda. Looks like a panda bear to me too.