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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mouse Adventures... Take 2! (& the post of randomness)

Isabel is on a roll. Reid and I sat down last night to watch a movie. We had gotten about thirty minutes into it, when we heard Isabel tearing down the stairs and into the living room with us. Reid said "I think she's cornered a mouse. I think I heard it squeaking as she was chasing it." I, of course being the supportive wife that I am said, "No you didn't." Then I sat up and looked at Isabel, staring intently at the corner behind the piano... yep, she'd cornered her third mouse in three nights.

And so the chase began. This one was smart, hiding behind a very heavy piano. And when we finally rousted him from behind it with the broom and a lot of coaxing, he ran around the living room, out to the dining room and behind the ETS heating unit. After quite a bit of trying (which included a paper towel wad taped onto the end of a curtain rod) Reid caught him in the trusty sherbet container (and yes, he's stopping on his way home this evening and buying humane traps). We took him down the road, and wished him well in the field across from our house.

(This is the first mouse we caught)

(And here's the second mouse... you have to admit, even his shadow is kind of cute)

Now on to the randomness... I had almost completely given up on the grass seed that we spread several weeks ago, until I looked out the front door and saw this! It definitely gives me hope that if we get more spread in the next few weeks we might actually have a lawn!

Also, I realized I took some pictures a long time ago from the far end of our pasture to show everyone in blog-land where our property extends. So... I thought I'd finally post those.

These two pictures are taken from the far eastern corner of our property.

Last week I reorganized the cards for the "Side-Tracked Home Executive" cleaning system that I started back in Virginia. I scheduled Monday as one of my heavier cleaning days and something I realized this morning, as I was cleaning, is this house is a lot bigger than anything I'm used to living in/cleaning. Sheesh... But I'm almost done with all of my cards for today and that feels pretty good (and I do love having clean floors and dusted surfaces!).

(These are my cards for the day... I'm now down to eight!)

And finally... the long anticipated pictures of our washer and dryer!

(Aren't they pretty? They are a little taller than I expected them to be... and I am not all that fond of the cords that run along the wall... but the dryer sings a little song when it is done and I love that!)


JayD said...

Go get 'em Isabel!

And those pictures from the pasture makes it look like your house is about three miles away....oh wait, it is :-)

Alice said...

Isabel is turning out to be a good cat to have around, isn't she?? Like the washer and dryer and there are ways to deal with the cords. We'll have to discuss them on the phone!
Love you

Bloggy Mama said...

Two thoughts:
1)Yuck mice.
2) your property is huge!!

Jamie said...

Ok, if you are not a country wife, at least Isabel is a country cat. However, I will let Isabel to continue to establish her dominance before visiting. Your property is huge and I know you and Reid are going to love it. The washer and dryer are beautiful, as is the color of the laundry room.

Merrilee said...

Yay for mouser kitties! Good luck!
I'm very impressed with your card system. Looks daunting but it must feel so good to remove that last card!

Rebecca said...

Yuck .... mice.
I guess you have to expect mice living in the country but I am a city girl.


Alice said...

About the grass. You want it to grow, it needs water just about every day in you neck of the woods. I have to do ours every third day if it doesn't rain. Not hard. We've had about 6 inches in the last 10 days!