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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

School is Winding Down

To answer my father's last comment, yes, school is winding down for the summer. I gave my two finals yesterday. The acting final (ie, their final scene performances) was at 8am!! Did the scheduling person have a sadistic streak or what? And yet... even for 8am they were really good! This has been my most successful acting class yet (go figure that it is a movement class and I never took a movement class in grad school 'cause I didn't like the man who taught them!). I am certain that the students really learned things and that all of them improved in terms of character development and character physicalization... and judging from their comments and enthusiasm during the class (most were there at least five minutes early, many arriving as much as fifteen minutes early), they had fun too.
Then at 10am I gave my speech final, which is a fun special occasion speech. It's so much harder to gauge the speech crowd than it is the acting crowd. Up until yesterday I was pretty sure most of them hated the class. However, at least a third of them gave "Odes to our Class" speeches and two even gave me a "special teacher" award... Now keep in mind, of course, that this is a graded assignment and many of my students are not above kissing up for points. However, it was sweet and makes me think that perhaps some of them did enjoy parts of the class and were just not vocal about it. At any rate, I get my course evaluations from all of them in the beginning of June... and the truth will come out then!

In other news, Reid has completed filling (yes, filling) a sixteen foot truck in Indy to bring back here. He assures me that he didn't stack anything above about four feet and most of it is his wood working stuff and will therefore already have a place in the garage. Too bad I just finally signed us up for trash service Monday, so a good quarter of our garage is full of trash that will take several weeks to dissipate. And this morning he was supposed to get the car hitched on to the trailer and stop to buy a lock (in our packing haste we didn't send one with him) for the truck... then he heads off on his LONG drive across country going 55 mph. So, if in the next few days you pass a Budget truck towing a car, be nice. Don't get mad they're going so slow. Feel sorry for them, pass them graciously and with lots of room for they may be my husband!


Jamie said...

I do not envy that trip across the country. I hope Reid travels safely and all of the wood working equipment and other goodies arrive in one piece. I have started to pack, so far, I have completed one box.

Alice said...

There are surprises in the boxes from here. And the styrofoam brick wall is coming too. The packed it before I could head them off!
Love YOU

Sarah said...

A styrofoam brick wall??? Just what you needed!
But I'm glad the Mirage made it to Indy at least - here's hoping you get a lot of use out of it! It's weird not having it in front of our house.