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Friday, May 30, 2008

Tater Has Had It.

Some of you have asked how Tater is doing with all of the commotion in the house. Well... if looks could speak...
("What are those THINGS? And when are they leaving?")

And they all say actions speak louder than words. In the last three days he has torn the edge off a bathroom mat, gotten into my purse and eaten most of two sticks of gum, chewed through the strap of said purse (yes the adorable green Vera Bradley purse that Karen got me for Christmas... maybe another one might be in my future??), and this morning furiously disemboweled his Mr. Rhino toy. Yeah... I think he's ready to go back to his "old" life. Unfortunately for him, he's going to get rid of the puppies just about the time I load him into a car for several days and then he has to share mommy's attention with a four month old. Hopefully this behavior isn't a preview of what's to come!

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Alaina said...

Poor Tater! :)