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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Good and Productive Day

We woke up this morning to rain! Now I know to some of you this is not something out of the ordinary. But please remember that I live in a high altitude desert. The vast majority of our precipitation happens in either the form of snow or late July/early August. So a rain fall that went on and off for about an hour in the middle of May is very welcome here!

Tater and I got all of the cards done today (okay, so I did all of them and Tater followed me from room to room while I did them). We also reorganized (pushed around boxes) in the guest bedroom. My craft room still needs a lot of work, but that will have to be another day. I also went through all of my theatre files in our file cabinet and put them in a bag to take to my office, getting rid of a lot of old paperwork that I no longer need (like attendance sheets from speech at VCU).

And then this evening I made a bed for Tater! He has been sleeping in his basket next to the computer (which frankly he prefers to the bed) but I am tired of caring his basket back and forth between here and the bedroom, and the basket might be scratching the wood floors when he jumpes out of it. So, his basket after this evening will be replaced by a nice big pillow!
Tater couldn't wait for me to get done sewing the pillow insert... he had to try it out!

Note that now that it is done, Tater is nowhere to be found... oh, wait he's behind me in his basket!

A close-up on the two fabrics, which I think will coordinate lovely with the blue, green, yellow motif of our downstairs!

And this evening for dinner we're having black beans with lime and cilantro over rice that I made in the slow cooker... and margaritas! Yummy!


Alice said...

Might I suggest that you put something on the bottom of his basket so he can keep it too. It is just too much his security "blanket" to just make it go away!! Maybe some stick on felt with the nonslip rug mat under it!
I do like the fabrics.

JayD said...

And of course, your SUPERVISOR had to follow you around to supervise. Yeessh! Don't you know nothing?

Jenna said...

His basket isn't completely going away... it's just going to live in the bedroom, rather than going back forth between the two rooms... and if he refuses to use his new bed he may get a new basket (one for each room)!

Jamie said...

I like the pillow and fabrics. Dinner sounds delicious, especially the margaritas. James and I had pancakes for dinner. I justified it by adding fresh fruit to mine.

jody said...

Hi Jenna!
Sweet blog! I love hearing the daily details of your life in Colorado. Wish I could bring myself to do one. All I have is my flickr page. I've got a little tip for you on the mousie situation. We had them all over the place in our Big Sur house. Get some cans of expanding foam (can't remember the brand name, but it's generally availble at hardware stores) and when you spray it into a hole, it expands to fill it. It's quite ugly and will only work under cabinets, etc. where it can't be seen, but it really worked wonders for us and the rodents stopped coming in after we plugged up every opening we could find with the foam. You spray it out and then it expands and hardens, filling the space.Give it a try, it could help with them. It was so great to see Reid at the wedding, though all too short.
I hope I can get out to see you this year sometime!