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Friday, November 23, 2007

Mother Nature Hears All!

I woke up this morning a little bummed that I was not partaking in the "Black Friday" festivities. I was not joining in the fun for three reasons. First and most importantly I had no one to go with... and hitting crazy sales just isn't as much fun alone. Second, Reid and I are trying to save money in order to hopefully buy a house in the spring. And third... the closest stores (minus the tiny store-front JC Penny and Walmart) are over 100 miles away. And if you figure just how long it is going to take to cover one hundred miles... and the fact that the best sales started at 4am... I would have had to leave last night!.

As if the natural world can read blogs or hear Matt Lauer say that Thanksgiving is the prelude to Christmas, I rolled over and cursed myself for talking so much yesterday about how I love all the sunshine here because it was white outside (usually meaning it is cloudy). Then I sat up and realized that no, that white wasn't clouds... it was snow! And lots of it! On the fence posts there is easily four inches.

In fact, there is a step up into our house and I had to push the door open through the snow. Tater's first step out into it was pretty funny. Then he bounced through it with a great deal of joy.

(This is Tater enjoying the snow in the backyard after enjoying the snow in the park!)

And it tells you something about where we live that our street (2nd Street) was not yet plowed... but the path in the park was!
(A picture from our front door towards the park)

And so today I am thankful for snow! Mother nature knew that I needed a pick-me-up this morning and gave it to me in beautiful white powder. Of course now I get to go scrape off my car so I can go to school and sew... but scraping will be worth it for the magnificent white views!
(And this is my gratuitous pretty snow picture!)


Mom said...

Pretty pretty. As your father says, be careful what you wish for! LOL

Charlotte said...

it isn't fun to go to sales alone or with someone who doesn't care about the sales (like my husband)! i know how you feel ...

your area looks so pristine and nice and .. yeah it looks cold! for me, snow is only nice to experience through pictures, or thru a glass window from inside a warm room!

keep warm!

amy said...

Jenna, it sounds like heaven! Snow as the unofficial Christmas season kicks off, cleared paths to parks...you're a lucky duck.

Jamie said...

Gorgeous! We got a dusting in Ohio, but nothing like that.

Becky said...

how beautiful! I'm jealous. We *might* get snow here tomorrow, but we'll see...