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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day of Thanks 3 (or 13)

Today I am thankful for the changing seasons. I love the way the air feels crisp in the fall (though here it has been getting up into the sixties during the days... but nights are in the teens and twenties). I love the colors of the leaves and the knowledge that with October comes the best three months of the year in terms of holidays! I love going back to school (and the relief that one feels when you reach Thanksgiving break).

I love the snow and how it makes everything look clean and a little magical. I LOVE CHRISTMAS, all of the decorating and the baking and the knowledge that families come together to give one another presents but more importantly their time. I love things with snowflakes on them (I own two sweaters with snowflakes and am seriously considering putting one on the side of the dog coat I'm making Tater... Reid is against it). I love coming inside when it is really cold outside and having something warm to drink. And I love our flannel sheets.

I love when the buds begin to push through the ground. I love little girls in ruffly pastel dresses at Easter (especially when they would rather be playing in the grass rather than standing and looking pretty). I love that my birthday comes in April! I love that my new neice is due in March. I love Spring Break and the anticipation of shool being out for the summer.

I love those (all too few) lazy days of summer, where you can sit around in shorts and a tank top drinking a cold drink and reading a cheesy romance novel. I love the feel of slipping in to a cool pool when it's hot outside. I love summer barbecues and picnics. I love taking my dog for long walks and sitting in a shady spot with him while watching people play in the park. I love anticipating going back to school in the fall.

I am so grateful for the ever changing, ever forward progressing seasons.


Jamie said...

So, can I just say ditto?

Hope all is well.

Alaina said...

Yeah, me too. And your post is so well written - I can experience all of it through your writing. :)
Thanks for your comment yesterday!