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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day of Thanks 6... and 7!

So I didn't post yesterday... oops. It was a long day and I just didn't have time between work and going out. And as I had been stressed all week (and threatening to sleep in the costume shop) I really needed to go out.

So... for Day 6 I am thankful for Christmas lights and Christmas decorations. Last night was the official "lighting" of Alamosa. All of the street lights have lit ornaments on them. They light up the train engine that is in the park and the courthouse. Last night Santa came to Alamosa, in the same courtyard where the farmer's market is in the summer. Tater went with us. A little boy asked if he could pet and I said of course you can. Tater's tail started wagging really hard. The little boy turned to his mother and said "look! His tail is shaking back and forth." And his mother replied, "Yes, he's happy because he saw Santa," and the little boy nodded in agreement... I nodded my head in agreement though I'm pretty sure Tater was happy about the petting and the possibility of food being dropped on his head!

I love driving past the lights... you just can't be too angry when you see Christmas trees and lit lamp-posts... somehow in Christmas lights problems melt away.

For Day 7, I am thankful for my husband and one of my work study student's help!! I was stressed going into the costume shop today. But I got the last costume cut out (Cinderella's double's rag dress) and then Reid and Tater showed up. I have trained him well in the art of sewing, if I do say so myself! He put a waistband on to a skirt, made a bum roll and encased two arm holes with bias tape for me.
But the biggest surprise of the day was when Jessica opened the door and said, "Hi. I'm here to help. I was just sitting at home and I thought I'd be more productive here than at home watching tv." You bet!! She sewed together an entire bodice for the evil stepmother's ballgown. And with all that help it allowed me to get the first steps done on the rag dress (I need more bias tape to finish it tomorrow), sew trim onto one Cinderella skirt, sew velcro on to a Cinderella bodice and begin to put the skirt on to the Evil Stepmother ballgown. I know most of you don't care about the costumes in such step by step detail... but it helps me to write it out and for you to see just how much I need these people's help! How much further behind would I be if it weren't for them?? So, I am thankful for help (especially since Jessica gave me her telephone number and said to call her tomorrow while I'm there and she'll come over and do some more work)!

And now... I'm going to go eat some dinner and watch a movie with my husband!


Alaina said...

Go Reed! I'm so glad you are making such great progress! You will have to post pictures of the finished costumes (or of the show). I'm so impressed!

Mom said...

Pictures, me too Iguana!!! I want to see some too!!
And I'm glad you have a hubby who can sew.