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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Almost time for Relief!

I'm going to have to post some thankfulness posts in December to make up for the ones I've missed this week... but that's okay. The show is almost ready to open! Opening night is Friday. However, I leave tomorrow afternoon for Denver. On Friday I will be watching approximately 150 high school thespians audition at the Colorado Thespian Conference. As we are a liberal arts program, students don't have to audition to get into our school. However, last year they scouted and recruited four perspective students at this event. It's a good way to get our name and program out there. If there are students we like we will invite them to come down in February for our on campus scholarship auditions. It should be a tiring day but fun too. And I will get to meet some of my colleagues from around the state as several other colleges participate.

What that does mean is that all of the costumes needed to be DONE by today... and they are! I am back at school to watch one more run through and take notes on anything else that needs to be tidied, fixed, changed, etc. Then I will leave that list with my work study students and I will be done (until they break something have way through the show and then it's back to square one).

Highlights from last nights run include:
-One of the evil stepsister's wigs coming off and him gripping his head and yelling "I'm so ugly" in a very funny falsetto
-A short time letter when the Cinderella double "transformed" from rags to ballgown, only to pull off her wig with her mop cap! The look on her face was priceless!
-Paul (the director)'s reaction when the evil stepfamily came on stage in their rag dresses, which he didn't know I had made! He loved them and turned saying, "I didn't know we had those!" I told him that we had made them that day and he was amazed! Big beaming from me...
-The overall beauty of the show with lights, sets and now costumes

I promise I will post pictures. I have asked the young lady who takes the archive photos for a list of photos of the costumes I made (as well as the other archive photos for the overall look of costumes, built or rented). When I got those, I'll post some of them. Until then, imagine a 6'2" man in leopard print platform shoes, blue and yellow dress with a white and animal print stand up collar (ala Elizabeth) and a foot and a half tall wig... Fabulous!


Mom said...

Ok, I want the pictures! LOL
Love you

Dad said...

I am curious? Do you get to take a school car for your trip to Denver?

And this play sounds like it is going to be REALLY funny. I too look forward to the pictures (and the review in the Alamosa Valley Courier???).

Jamie said...

Sounds like everyone is having fun!