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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cinderella Update... and I'm grown up

First to the part of being grown up. I went to bed last night at my usual time (10:30). I was excited because today is Saturday and that meant that I would get to sleep in (the only time really all week, since I now volunteer with the cats at the shelter on Sunday mornings)! Hooray for sleeping in! There was a time when I could easily sleep until 10 or 10:30... easily. Well, at exactly 6:55am (the time the alarm clock usually goes off) Tater jumped off the bed. At 7:00am he began to whine at the baby gate in our bedroom doorway. At 7:05 I gave in, put my clothes on, took him out, fed him and have been e-mailing and blogging ever since. So much for my sleeping in (of course he is now fast asleep in the basket next to me and Reid is still peacefully sleeping in our bed). Ahh well...

And now for Cinderella (and yes Sarah you will have read this twice because I copied and pasted from the e-mail I sent you this morning!)...

The costumes are finally starting to come together. Don't get me wrong. There is still a lot to do (evil Stepmom currently has one dress cut out, and nothing sewn together!). But there is definite progress. Both of the evil step sister's day dresses are sewn completely (except for their full action sleeves... I figured I would tackle all the sleeves together once I have the dresses done (once I get on a role with them and figure out how best to do it I can't imagine that will take very long). Cinderella's rags are done (the breakway rags haven't been started yet) and the fairy godmother's dancing outfit and cape are done (except for her shawl which should take very little time). Both of the Cinderella ballgown bodices are done except for putting in zippers (and one needs a little more trim added). The ballgown skirts are cut out and sewn into huge tubes so we should be able to get those mostly finished this weekend (I have two students volunteering to come in to work today... isn't that sweet?). So, there is definite progress being made. It's just slow and steady!


Mom said...

And we all know why the turtle won the race with the hare!!
Love you
Whose dog is being a pill today!!

Jamie said...

Whew...that made me a little tired thinking about it, but I am glad it is going well.