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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thankful, Day 9

Today I am thankful for heat! I love our nice warm home and I appreciate that everyone is not as blessed as we are. Last night Reid forgot that he had turned down the heat during the day (he opened the windows to air out the place and just never turned it back up). Luckily I had him on one side and Tater on the other or I would have been a popsicle by this morning! It was hard to get out of bed and in fact I made Reid get up first and turn back up the heat!

I was next reminded of how much I love our warm home when I saw the unfortunate news on the local news that two families near Denver have just lost their homes (last night actually, to a fire that they all barely escaped from). They are thankful that no one in their families were killed (though one man is still in the ICU). But what a difficult road for all of them that they now have to begin the process of building their lives over.

And one more reminder... the cold is coming to the Valley! Snow is coming to Colorado but we shouldn't be getting too much of that (according to weather.com). But Saturday's high is supposed to be 37, with a low of 4! I am so thankful for our nice cocoon of warmth in our home, our clothes and our jobs!

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