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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day 14... or my kitty cats

Today, as I sit here and write this, Clementine is sitting on my lap. She has been sleeping in Tater's basket next to the computer all day, waiting for someone to sit down at the computer so that she could jump on a lap! And I was the first one to come along.

My kitty girls often get overlooked when it comes to my pets. I think that happens mainly because I take Tater with me so many places that everyone knows him (it is much harder to type when Clementine is trying to lick my fingers and lay her chin between my typing hands!). But I really value the love and sweetness that my cats give me. Isabel is always there to get a scritch when I sit down on the toilet (and don't try to closer her out of the bathroom unless you want to spend your entire time in there listening her to scratch at the bottom of the door!). She loves giving ankle rubs in the morning. I love watching her excitement when she sits in the window and chitters at the birds that fly by.

(This is Isabel right after we moved in to our house here in Alamosa... checking out the window!)

Clementine has always been Reid's cat. When she has the choice she will go to him every time. That being said, I am still frequently graced with her presence. I love that she will sit on my lap while I'm watching tv or curl up with me on the sofa with a good book. I love the little meow noise that she makes, that isn't really a meow. I love that she doesn't mind wearing her collar and in fact seems to wear it with a bit of pride. And I love that she is here with us, since there was a time earlier this year when she was losing weight and refusing to eat and we thought we might lose her. But whatever it was, she pulled through. And is the same cuddler she has always been.
(Clemmie sleeping in her kitty basket... with her tongue stuck out!)

Working in the cat shelter really brings home how many cats are out there that need someone to hold them and cuddle them, talk to them and pet them. Cats are not the obedient clingers that dogs are... but they are warm and wonderful in their own way. And I am thankful for the two who live in my house (as well as anyone who adopts an adult cat from a shelter... there are so many of them!).

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Stephanie said...

So totally jealous of the gorgeous white stuff!!! Can't wait to head out west in just TWO weeks! Yippee!!!! Mountains!