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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bloggy Give-away Winners!

I had no idea that I would have the kind of turn-out that I did for my home-made ornaments. And since I had so many entries I decided to give-away each of the ornaments individually. Those who won were:
Acorn Designs

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered! What a fun time this give-away has been. I will certainly be involved next time!


Angela said...

Yeah!!!! I'm still reveling in the excitement of this! Seriously I didn't think I cared as much as I do but I'm really happy to be able to give this to my mom for Christmas. It will be a great reminder of her mother who used to make them!

Jenna said...

I'm so glad Angela!

Chele said...

Thank you so very much Jenna for hosting such a great give-away. I am really excited about winning. I can't wait to see the ornament in person!! Might even have to put the tree up before the week before Christmas this year!!!! LOL By the way, is Tater a Beagle or a Basset -- just curious!!! :-)

Rebecca said...

Thanks again Jenna! I'm really looking forward to receiving the ornament - so pretty!

Mom said...

Sarah is jealous, Sarah is jealous... (said in that annoying sing song voice!!)
I get an acorn!!
Love you

Jenna said...

Tater is a beagle :) And for those expecting ornaments, I will be trying to send them out Wednesday (getting to the post office during the day is tricky!).
(and mom, it's not nice to brag... though Sarah shouldn't be too jealous. I went through the Christmas box this weekend, and she is definitely in the lead!).