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Thursday, March 13, 2008

So this is a grown-up Spring Break...

I thought I'd update everyone as to what I've done on my spring break (if you're looking for fancy mixed drinks or topless pictures, you should probably move on... nothing nearly that exciting is happening in our house). Of course there has been a little bit of lounging around...
(All three of us on the sofa together is a pretty common occurrence around our house in the evenings)
I also participated in the first day of the "Spring Cleaning" over at "The Motherload." Like so many things in my life, I then lost interest... plus what is the point of deep cleaning, when I am just going to have to deep clean before we move in two weeks? However, I got our fridge, inside and outside, cleaned and that made me very happy.

(So pretty! And it was definitely time to go grocery shopping, which occurred that evening)

And packing is officially in full swing. Some of the pets are definitely enjoying the packing more than others... I unfortunately wasn't able to get Izzy's contribution to packing on camera (she was in and out of the box too quickly). But you can see below how Clementine is helping to hold down the fort, and Tater's general feeling about the boxes (most of the time he's trying to sit on my lap while I'm filling them... there is definitely a "Don't forget me" sentiment in this dog).

(The pile is growing!)

(Clementine, doing a great job keeping those paper towels pinned down! Really any place with a sunbeam is good, but one with a comfy bed like these papertowels is perfect!)

(This has been the look on Tater's face for much of the packing!)


Dad said...



Samara said...

Hi Jenna! You commented on my frugal friday post for my coupons... email me at samarajane, gmail with your address and I will mail them to you!

Jamie said...

Packing-yuck! New house-Yeah! I am glad to see your children are helping, Tater does look a little concerned, but he will love that new yard.

Dad said...

It really is amazing that it looks like Tater is just short of complete panic. Any update on the house "process"?