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Thursday, March 27, 2008


I thought of something to post, almost as soon as I had posted the "nothing to post" post (I think I should win an award for how many times I just used the word post).

Last Saturday Reid and I drove out to our future home and took a couple of pictures of the outside. Though many of you have probably seen similar pictures on the MLS listing I thought I'd post them anyway.

Here is our house! We plan to cut out/down the tree to the left of the house (which is practically dead, can't be particularly safe, a potential breeding ground for termites, etc, etc). Someday I would love to build an addition out to the left side of the house, making it more symmetrical and adding another bedroom downstairs. This summer we plan to paint the fence (and color suggestions? Right now the paint that is left is a brick red) and grade the yard, so that it slopes down from the house to the drainage ditch a bit more. Eventually I would also like to add a front porch.

This is the view of the house from the west drive.

This is Blanca, as seen from the east windows of the house. Crazy beautiful!

And this is the insulated garage that Reid is going to turn into a workshop/forge.

More pictures of the inside once we close on Monday!


JayD said...

Post, post, post. Just thought I would throw those in.

The one picture is from the "west drive". Where does the boundary of your (soon to be) property lie? Is the property rectangular or "wierd" shaped? How far west of the house is the corner of the propery? The engineer in me is coming out, can you tell?

JayD said...

And when I downloaded the picture of Blanca I noticed the cranes just beyond the fence. Neat!

Alice said...

Ok, love the pictures!! And that roof behind the garage is what I see in the satelite pics, right??

Jamie said...

I love your house! The view could not be more gorgeous. I can't wait to visit, although I am most likely moving in the wrong direction.

As for painting the fence, I think going with a lighter color, to match the cream/white on the house would look nice. It would also pull the eye out to the left, giving that more symetrical look, without that costly addition!

Becky said...

That view is GORGEOUS!

I'd paint the fence white or cream. :)

Alaina said...

So cute! I love it! I agree with the cream or white suggestion for the fence.

lynne said...

Great House and so much space all around! (I'm on the east coast, not much space available here.) What about painting the fence panels alternating white and blue to complement the house colors?