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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beware the Ides... Or Celebrate Them!

Though historically this has been a pretty down day (especially for Romans), today 29 years ago my husband was born! And that brightened modern history considerably! I can't believe that next year is the big 3-0 but we're going to enjoy one more year of twenty-dom (and I'll enjoy one more month than Reid since my birthday isn't until April! Hoot!).

If you get a chance and want to shoot Reid an e-mail, I'm sure he would love that. And in house news, as an early birthday present yesterday, we got a call that our appraisal has been done and we should be receiving the appraisal report early this coming week. Also our loan application should be done by mid-week. Therefore, we may close as early as Friday, allowing us a week and two weekends to move before the end of March! And in another piece of "good" news, the deal on the house that we're renting fell through, so the pressure of "we have to get out of here" is off. Yesterday was a good day. And with the sun shining and coffee brewing this morning, today is looking pretty good as well. Happy Birthday Hubby!


Alice said...

Check your phone messages!! LOL
Happy birthday to the hubby and great news about the house!!

Jay said...


Sarah said...

Happy birthday Reid!

Jamie said...

Happy Belated B-day Reid! I looked at my cell phone and thought of him at least twice, but never got an email out! Sorry.

Merrilee said...

Happy Birthday Reid!!! 29 soundsd so old. Of course, Matt is going to be 30 this year, the old man.
And that was great house news!!! I hope it continues to go so well!