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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Schools Out For... Salmonella!!

Something just doesn't quite work in that song lyric. Because they are starting the flush of the water system with chlorine today, Adams State classes are cancelled for Wednesday through Friday of this week. They are hoping that by next Monday the chlorine level in the water will be at "Code Yellow" meaning that it is still too high to drink but should be okay for getting on your skin, etc. Of course school being closed makes the fact that we aren't in our new home yet all the more frustrating. But these three days will allow me to plan classes in advance (so that I won't need to as much during the moving days), pack some more and make the arm-length list of things to do associated with moving. In response to questions about painting... I don't know what colors to choose! I think I need to be in the house for a little while to see the light at different times of day. I also want to get some area rugs for the rooms with wood floors, and will then probably pick paint colors for those rooms out of the rugs. So, we will probably not be painting before we move in... but instead over my summer break.


Donna said...

Yikes! Must be scary to be going through that. Glad to hear you are healthy.

Painting is fun!! I have heard waiting a bit to "get to know" you house is a good idea.

I bold colors. I have a Terra Cotta color (Fireweed from Sherwin Williams)in my dining room. I was scared at first and not it is my favorite room in the house.

Have fun choosing!!

amy said...

Bonus spring break! And just in time for moving...except for the whole "don't drink the water" thing, it sounds like a stroke of luck.

JayD said...

Planning class ahead??? Oh boy THAT sounds like fun :-)

JayD said...

Well, let's see. You can't shower, you don't have class, you can't start moving stuff.....must mean LOTS of time for blog updates! :-) Right?

Merrilee said...

I'm sorry about your water and your house closing later. That stinks!! I guess there are worse things to find in your water supply than salmonella but I can't think of any right now!

JennyS. said...

you can't even shower?!?! I mean, it's all good in olde-tyme time, but not for real.
I hope they get this rectified (I don't like that word; I think it's gross) VERY SOON!