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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Salmonella... oh yumm!

The biggest news around these parts is, luckily, not mine. Alamosa has been declared in a state of emergency as 70+ people have been diagnosed with salmonella and they have, apparently, linked the outbreak to our water supply. So... the entire city is on a "bottled water" policy, where we are only supposed to use bottled water for drinking and cooking. They are going to start flushing the water system on Tuesday morning, at which time we are not allowed to boil water for consumption until the system is completely flushed. Overall, they have told us that this bottled water thing could be in place for up to three weeks! Crazy... it makes the prospect of having or own well on or own property look all the more appealing!

And in house news... well, there is no news. The loan people are still working our loan and we are aiming to close on this coming Friday. We definitely won't close any later than March 31 and we have been told by our landlords that if we need a few days into April to pack, no problem. So... like so many things in life, buying a house seems to be a "hurry up and wait" thing (I sat here racking my brain for what word to use... and all I could come up with is thing. Yeah, I'm a professor. Whatever)...

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy your weekend and I promise, we'll let you all know when there is movement on the house (or anything else exciting).


JayD said...

thing? hmmmmmm....I can't come up with anything better. Maybe a thesaurus?

Jamie said...

Hurry up and wait seems to be a popular phrase right now. Sorry about the water thing! If you need a care package of bottled water, let me know and I will get one out right away!

Alice said...

I was thinking that "situation" might work for the hurry up and wait thing.
And I am glad you had the water checked on the well. How did that come back anyway?? hard, soft, etc??

Rebecca said...

That is gross to think the water is contaminated. Especially for a whole city. Yuck, good luck


amy said...

Yikes, Jenna, good luck with all of the boiling and house-buying. Forget about a full plate - you're up to a plate and a half!

Lilith Silvermane said...

Hello fellow Coloradan!

I wanted to let you know that you have been tagged!!

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