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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mountains... and Winds

Reid, Tater and I took a walk yesterday while the sun was shining and everything was beautiful. We took this picture of Blanca... such a pretty mountain!

Then today Tater and I took a walk... and the winds have started to blow! It was gray outside, though less from clouds and more from dirt/dust blowing. My students have warned me that these winds keep blowing until after they're gone (beginning of May). As one of my students put a positive spin on them though.... it's a couple months where you don't have to do your hair (because whatever you do will be ruined the minute you step outside).


Jamie said...

Gorgeous! The winds sound a little daunting, but here in the plains, they never stop blowing because there is nothing to break the wind, you will get through it. Besides, you will have a great new house to enjoy during the winds!

Alice said...

The picture is so pretty!!!!! Were you just out by the bridge when you took it???
And remember the Mistrel in France?? Need the wind to get sand dunes!!

Merrilee said...

So pretty!! Do May winds bring June flowers????

Dad said...

Any house news?