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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Color Choices

Reid and I went to Sherwin-Williams this morning and picked up a whole bunch of color swatches and pamphlets. Then I came home and played around on their website where you can pick colors and "paint" designed rooms the different colors. And I have to admit, I'm stumped. I think I've lived with walls that were pre-determined (not by me) colors for so long that the idea of getting to paint my whole house is overwhelming. I want all of the downstairs to flow nicely together, but I don't want it to be all one color. I don't want to make my walls so bright that they make people squint (or worse so dark they make the rooms look small). But I also don't want to "go safe" with neutral colors. I am really drawn to colonial colors, or so I thought (but I don't like the colonial color scheme at S-W so it's possible that what I think of as Colonial isn't what any one else thinks is colonial).

Any suggestions? Helpful tips?


Alice said...

Ok, pick one room, maybe your bed room which is not a public room. Go with your favorite color. And then to be sure have then tint your primer that color and you can see if you really like it. Other then that, can't help you a lot. You've see my house!!

Jenny S. said...

It's not economical, but you can buy small cans of paint to paint a section of wall to see how you like it. That's a good way to test the color in all lights (day and night).
Of course my house is all tan, so who am I to talk?
(Our old house was pink. We rebelled by being "natural" colored.)

Jamie said...

It easier than you think to "flow" the different colors. I am not sure by what you mean "colonial" do you mean the blues and creams? One way to break a room that you want to put a dark color in but are afraid it is too much, is to put a chair rail. That way you can go with a light and dark color. The chair rails are really inexpensive and can be bought at a Home Depot, which I think you have close by. Or you can simply "paint" the chair rail. Ok, I have gone on way to long...just call me.

Sarah said...

Don't overthink. Paint one room - matching the color to something in the room (rug, throw, pillows, etc.). Then you take that paint chip in when you're looking for more colors. You don't have to do it all at once :)

Becky said...

I used that website when painting this house last fall. I found it to be very accurate, so that's a plus! My interior decorating friend said that the whole house should have a basic theme. Find a picture in a magazine that you love and stick with that.

For me, our palate is made of browns and greens and some blues that I saw in a magazine. The picture was of a brown leather couch in the middle of the woods. Ta da! Then I add splashes of color where I want it.

(Of course, the kids rooms are a different story...)