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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Final Walk-Through... and Pictures

We did our final walkthrough this morning (to make sure that nothing was broken since our inspection and that the previous owner had removed everything prior to closing). And I took lots of pictures of the inside. Of course, since we don't have a "fish-eye" lens for our camera there are lots of pictures of rooms that look like "Here is the first corner. Here is the second corner." But I think you'll get the picture (heehee). These pictures are in no particular order (Blogger isn't the best about giving you options for inputting them in a particular order) so bear with me.
This is the tree house on the side of the house in the dying tree that will most likely be torn down this summer (sorry future children but it just isn't safe!).

The stove! Just to the left of the stove is the door from the little patio (see below). It is probably the door we will come in and out of most of the time. And the little cabinets above the stove in this picture and the little ones above the sink below I can't reach without standing on a foot-stool!

This shows you most of the kitchen. There is one more skinny cabinet to the right of the fridge and then there is a little island below the window (much further down there is a picture of the outside of the window).

This is the front door/window in the main hall. All the way at the end of this "hall" (which measures approximately 22' X 11') is the kitchen.

This is looking into the living room, which is the south-east corner of the house) The cats are going to LOVE the windows!

This is the entrance to the living room.

This is the front door, which is definitely old, if not original to the house. I love the shape!

This is standing in the southwest corner of the study (which is just to the left of the front door).

The guest bathroom has two doors, one in the main foyer area and one here at the bottom of the stairs.

And this is the front (south) side of the study.

These are the steps... pretty steep, as is custom in older homes.

This is the petal sink in the guest bathroom. Some of fixtures/etc could use a cosmetic redo (inculding above the sink) but it is all in running order.

I love this feature! It's a built-in shelving unit in the south facing room upstairs (which I have already claimed as a crafting/sewing room!).

This is the closet/windows in the same room.

This is the closet at the top of the stairs that we've already talked to our inspector (who is also a contractor) about some day making into a half bath. It would be tight, but do-able and would certainly be nice upstairs!

This is the only shot I got of the north facing room upstairs. The dark blue paint will be going. There is a closet right behind me and the door to the room is just to the left of this photo. We assume that the jutting out part next to the door is the old chimney.

These are the french doors in the master bedroom that lead to the backyard.

This is the other side of the master bedroom.

And this is looking into the master bedroom... the view of Blanca is right out those windows. The wood paneling is not my favorite part of the house... but it will do for now.

This is the master bath shower and sink. Across from the sink is the jetted tub (going to love it!) and across from the shower is the toilet. It's small but functional. Because it is completely interior someday I would like to drop some sun tunnels into the ceiling.

This is the tile work in the guest bathroom shower, which I really like! It's also on the floor. The guest tub is one of the old steel tubs, which our inspector says you can't hardly buy any more.

The backyard facing east.

We're not sure what the concrete slab in the backyard was for... but we think if we clean it up it could be a great place for an outdoor fire-stove. We will be getting rid of the dog lean to, as well as sealing up the little hole in the side of the garage which has a doggie-door, which goes into a dog house built into the garage. Tater is entirely too spoiled to use a dog house and we don't want any other animals taking advantage of that nice warm spot!

More of the backyard... the fence could really benefit from a nice paint job.

This is the little patio outside the kitchen door... definitely big enough for a grill says Reid!

Tater got to run around in the backyard and loved it! He did wonder why he couldn't come in the house yet. We told him he could do that tomorrow night!

This is the window on the east wall of the kitchen.

This is the east part of the fenced in yard (note Blance in the clouds way beyond the fence).

This is the little porch out of the master bedroom's french doors... and yes, despite many days of above freezing temperatures there is still snow in the shade on the north side of the house.

And that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Alice said...

Loved the tour!! The concret was for the dog pen!!

Donna said...

Lovely home Jenna!!

I am very jealous of the view of the mountains, meant to tell you in the previous post of the better pic of the mountain view!

Yeah for a new house!!!

Jamie said...

It is fantastic! It looks pretty spacious, have fun!

JayD said...

Yes, we all loved the tour. We really look forward to seeing it with our own eyes....sometime. :-)

Luv Ya

Alaina said...

I love it! It has so much charm and character!

Good luck with the paint selection - I found it so hard. We have a very open 1st level and I used 3 different colors (1 for the living/dining, 1 for family room, and 1 for the kitchen). I used earthy colors - one thing I found helpful was Lowes or Home Depot color guides. They had pamphlets that had maybe 1/2 dozen colors that work well together. It at least help direct my thinking. :)

moondaiseez said...

How lovely! Monty, and the baby and I are all jealous of your backyard or as Monty refers to it "the at home dog park".