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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Four Days Off Duty

Arrghh... do I hate laptops sometimes?? I just wrote a post, highlighted it and then apparently, with a wipe of my hand deleted it!

Anyway, the short version is that I have four days off as Sarah and Dan and Raley are on a plane to LA to do a house/apartment/daycare hunt. And I miss them already, especially baby Raley who makes me want to have children more (not less) than ever. I really hate that after this coming week the next time I'll see Raley she'll be nine months old (at Christmas) ad completely different baby... maybe if she lived next door she'd be a deterrent... but being this far away makes me want one of my own to see the day-to-day developments. Plus, as you can see below, she's just too darn cute!

This was at her four and a half month doctor's appointment, with mommy. It's confirmed... she's a happy, healthy baby (though not when she gets a shot in each thigh!). And she wasn't buying our explanation and that meningitis would be more painful.

This is Mr. Flying Flower Frog... she a new addition to her car seat and she enjoys his company very much!

Do you notice a pattern here?? Someone is very interested in eating any fingers offered (either her own or yours!).

This was taken when we got back from shopping at Border's, and walking around downtown Silver Springs together. She was asleep before we got out of the parking garage on our way home! Shopping is exhausting!

And just a random smiling happy baby... she's figured out how to smile around her pacifier... isn't it cute?? I mean I may be a little bit of a biased aunt, but that smile is pretty terrific!


JayD said...

I guess we just have to keep taking turns....(taking pictures and posting them on a blog somewhere). You think her mommy will if no one else is around?

Jenna said...

I sure hope so!

Merrilee said...

So cute!!!!

Alice said...

Love the pics. She is a cutie. I'll try!

Jamie said...

Smiling behind the paci is priceless, she is very adorable! Glad to know you are having fun bonding.