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Sunday, July 20, 2008


I only have a second as I'm trying to get the wallpaper stripped in Sarah and Dan's bedroom by the end of the day (they're working on putting in the floor in the basement). Yesterday was a huge success. Raley was a great baby... very angelic. She slept through lunch, was flirty during our time at the mall (when she wasn't sleeping in her ergo) and even did well with our additional two other stops (at the dog food store and the human food store), as well as riding in the backseat by herself around the beltway. All in all I was very proud of both of us... alright, back to wallpaper.


Alice said...

Sometimes attitude is 90%! She knew it! How is Julie?
Love you

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your posts. You three are working so hard!! and enjoying Raley! Grandmother Judy