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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Few More Pictures

Nannying today has gone a little bit more smoothly than yesterday (knock on wood as mommy still doesn't get home for another hour and a half). So I thought I'd post a few more pictures, mainly for the grandparents!

This shot is mainly for grandma who was worried about Raley not reaching out for things... We love reaching out for our star fish!

You have to put up with a lot as a dog with a four month old nearby.

And I mean a whole lot!
But when you look at how cute she is sleeping... well, you can see why Sarah calls her the cutest baby in the world!


Alice said...

Poor Tater! LOL

Merrilee said...

It's a good thing that Tater is such a patient dog!!!!

Jamie said...

Tater is doing great, and sleeping babies are ADORABLE.