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Monday, July 14, 2008

My First Day... as a Nanny

It's a good thing she's my niece... because she's cute even when she is screaming her head off every time I feed her, as she did today. All things considering, however, it was a good first day nannying though I could have done with a tiny bit more smiley baby and a little bit less fussy baby. When I described her behavior to Sarah upon her arrival home she told me that this was Raley's behavior when she was a month or two old, but not so common for now... so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I am sorry that I haven't posted more. But with trying to get their house ready for listing in about two and a half weeks and now having the baby on my own for almost eleven hours a day (a baby who refused to nap in her basinet or crib... really only on you), I just haven't had time to get on the computer. I haven't checked e-mail or other people's blogs and have not had time to update my own. This past weekend we painted the basement and tore up (which required much chiseling) about two thirds of the floor... we still have th rest of the floor, then the ceiling and then the new flooring to put down... and that's on that floor! So, with all the projects left around the house, I'm not sure it's going to get any better. But I'll keep trying.

And now, pictures of Raley...
Chewing on my fingers, who me?

Admiring our singing octopus while on floor time...

And for anyone who wondered what I looked like as a baby... this is it. She looks so much like me sometimes!


Alice said...

Ah yes the human keeper as a bed!!
some day she will have to learn but I'm not too sure who is going to teach her!
Love the pics.

Merrilee said...

I think you probably did a great job as a nanny. And who better to deal with a fussy baby than someone who already loves her and knows that this is just a phase or a bad day?

Jenny said...

She acted like she did a few months ago because it was a "new" situation with Mommy gone and you in charge. She'll get used to it. Either that, or you'll learn to cope. :)
either way, you're building memories. (Repeat that to yourself when she gets fussy.) Good memories.

Jamie said...

Raley is adorable and I agree with Jenny, fussy baby was due to "Where is that mommy person? you are kind of like her, but not really...."

I also have been neglecting my blog, so don't feel bad.