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Friday, August 8, 2008

Laptops are not my friend

After posting last time, the laptop I was using while Sarah and Dan were in LA refused to connect to the internet and then refused to move the cursor... so I didn't get to post any more during my four days off. I had a very good and relaxing visit to my friends in Richmond and then a few days off work this past week trying to help more with their house before I had to leave. I drove to my parents' house today where I'm spending the night. Then tomorrow I drive until I can't drive any more and then stop... then get up and drive the rest of the way home on Sunday.

So... if you have recently e-mailed me or written a particularly witty blog post, I promise I will get to it in the coming week (after I've had a little bit of time to decompress)!

1 comment:

JayD said...

Well, since I happen to know that you got home :-) maybe you could post some pictures (oops not yet) or just some fun comments about that wonderful drive!