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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Babies are a big time-suck!

Raley is adorable... and she is the main reason why I have not posted in a week. Well, that and my sister has one more week of maternity leave until she goes back to work and we're trying to get as many home projects done as possible before she goes back. And that means little time for blogging, e-mailing, showering... And definitely no lesson-planning or paper-writing. But that's what the last three weeks of August are for, right? I work best under pressure anyway.
So, rather than give a day-by-day blow-by-blow as I had imagined doing, I'll instead give a photo collage of thus far. This is the first time I've been able to download pictures so of course I have many more cute ones but I thought these would help to satisfy all of the grandparents out there.
Grandpa and Raley bond over a mutual love of their own fists.

This is one of Raley's favorite past-times... back time with a human manipulating her fish mobile!

A close-up of Raley with her Grandma... I just love this picture.

Parenting a four month old can leave you a little batty... all of those of us without children should be warned.

A gratuitous cute baby picture while in the car... I get this "take me out" look quite a bit while riding in the backseat with her.

This is Raley in her Ergo carrier... this thing is amazing! You put her in it and she falls asleep instantly! This was two Saturdays ago when we went to a craft fair in downtown Silver Springs, MD.

And this is what my shirt looked like after carrying her for two and a half hours in 94 degree temperature!

And this is Raley in her Bjorn carrier at Home Depot... can you tell I'm a fan of the marsupial parenting technique? And isn't her watermelon hat adorable?

My sister, brother-in-law, father, myself and a family friend (obviously not pictured as he was taking the picture) all went to hear the Declaration of Independence read on the steps of the National Archives as part of our Fourth of July celebrations (mom, mom's friend and Raley stayed at home).

And Raley is actually a very chatty and happy baby who coos and smiles a lot. But when the camera comes out she becomes very serious as she studies the little metal box that is being pointed at her. Therefore I was pretty happy with this picture where she was cooing for me in the car.


Alaina said...

She is adorable! I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time!

Alice said...

Yes, they do tend to take up your time don't they?? but then when they are as cute as Raley, they are worth it.

Merrilee said...

Oh my gosh, she's so cute!!!!!!!

It looks like you are all having so much fun!

JayD said...

Lot's of time required but look at the end result you get! People like you :-)

Anonymous said...

HI Jenna - you look like you are having a good time! I love you all!


Jamie said...

Looks like you are getting some quality bonding time and enjoying the time in D.C. as well. I will update soon, but been really tired in the evenings.

moondaiseez said...

hee hee, the special code I have to type in down below is ofgbga - its so close to ooga-booga that it made me laugh. Anyone? No? ok, so those pictures are fun. She really looks a lot like you and your mom in my opinion. And I think I am also a fan of the marsupial parenting technique. Hopefully I'll get to see you and maybe even meet Raley very soon!

Sarah said...

Cutest baby in the world! Good auntie, too :)