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Monday, July 21, 2008

200th Post!

I believe that this is my 200th post! Can you believe that? I certainly can't! But since I'm on nanny duty I don't have a whole lot of time to extrapolate... instead I'll just post a few pictures for the grandparents out there.
Who, me? No attitude here... certainly not... Auntie Jenna thinks the shirt says it all!
With my friend Julie... there are definitely four of us in this picture
Remind you of anyone, mom?


Alice said...

Oh my. Yep, no attitude. and yes there are four and I did say she was you! LOL

Jamie said...

Hey, I am so glad you got to see Julie! She looks great. Glad to hear you are still busy/having fun.

JayD said...

I always did appreciate the kicks to the kidneys......not!

amy said...

Jenna, it's so awesome you get to spend so much time with your niece - and I'm sure Sarah appreciates the extra hands on deck to take care of her! It's good practice for later, hmm??

Sarah said...

Woo Hoo 200th post!
And we do appreciate you very, very much. And the cutest baby in the world loves her auntie!