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Monday, June 16, 2008


Tomorrow is the day I've been dreading since we brought Glory home. I had originally scheduled to take them back on Wednesday. But after an impromptu vet visit by Tater this morning (throwing up and diarrhea all night long... we don't know why. Perhaps he heard from his friend Monty that's they way all the cool kids get attention), and looking at what I need/want to do to get ready to leave on Thursday I decided it would be best to take the puppies and Glory back tomorrow morning.

I've already washed all their bottles and sorted all of the newspaper and blankets that we're donating. I've gone through Tater's toys and found a few he never plays with that I can take with us. I know that for us it is a short time but for Glory it is going to feel like she's been abandoned all over again and for that I am really sorry for her (in fact it makes me burst into tears just thinking about it). Of course, I'm hoping that will make her excitement when we come back to get her all the more jubilant.

I'm also sad that I'll probably never see a lot of the puppies again (fingers crossed because that means they'll be adopted quick). I knew that I would get attached to them but I didn't realized just how much. They have really stole a spot in my heart. And I tell you... if this is how I feel about a punch of squealing/chirping/crying/pooping puppies that I've had in my life for all of three weeks, I am not cut out to be a real foster parent. My respect and admiration goes out to people who can do this with children. It would literally break my heart.

So, that's it. I'm going to try to hold it together at the shelter tomorrow and not frighten all of the staff by my completely irrational tears but I'm not sure I'll succeed. At any rate I'll take a few more pictures tomorrow morning and will post the last of my puppy updates tomorrow.


JayD said...

Irrational? NAH, just Jenna :-)

Luv Ya

Alice said...

I'll bet the staff will understand the tears.

Merrilee said...

I completely agree with you about the tears. But just think, all the joy that the puppies have brought to you, they can bring to someone else who doesn't have a Tater or Glory to love!

MaWhit said...

Oh, it's so hard, isn't it? It doesn't get any easier, but it's always so worth it.

Donna said...

Awe. I think Glory will be really excited when you come back, I think she will realize how lucky and loved she is!!