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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Day in Which It felt like nothing happened...

This morning I made a list. It was a long and productive list. And I have crossed a few things off that list... but there are so many more things to do!

I made a list for Reid of the bills that have to be paid while I'm gone and when they are due by. Yes, I am definitely the financial person in the household. And I like it that way.

I read more about costume design and about the clothing of ancient Egypt. I then went surfing on the computer looking for plays that match my various time periods that we'll be discussing in class. Is it a cop-out to just have my students pick their own plays from different time periods, or should I really give them a list so that I know the plays and they know I know the plays... and we don't have the challenge of them not knowing where to go looking for such a list of time period appropriate plays (like I'm having!). I think what I'll probably end up doing is giving them both options (choose a play or I'll choose one for you) and giving them strict guidelines as to what sort of play they must choose. Ugh... planning new classes is stressful.

I gave both of the dogs Kongs and watched Glory try to (unsuccessfully) get the dog biscuits out of hers. Tater had his out in no time. He's a pro. With Glory I think we're going to have to work up to two "cookies" in the "passy." (like a pacifier for dogs)

("There has to be a way to get these out of here" says Glory)

I bottle-fed puppies twice. I only got about an ounce down multiple puppies... but that's more than they would have gotten otherwise.

(This puppy would rather suck on my finger than nurse from a bottle)

I made bread and butter pickles! I'm just refrigerating them 'cause I didn't make enough to can (and I don't have stuff to can). But I just tasted one and they're pretty good... though not as good as I remember so I must have done something wrong.

And perhaps the biggest accomplishment for me of the day... I drew my hand! For those of you who know me this is a major accomplishment.

Now, is it the best hand ever drawn? Certainly not. BUT, does it look like a hand? Yes it does! And that alone is pretty amazing. Of course drawing my hand in a semi-recognizable fashion and drawing costumes on humanely proportioned people out of my imagination are pretty far about (in other words I still have a lot more work to do) but I'm feeling hopeful. Now, in the middle of the drawing when I almost burst into tears and said out-loud, "I can't do this," I wasn't feeling quite so hopeful. But now that it is done and I don't have to draw anything again (until tomorrow) I'm feeling pretty good. In case you're wondering, I'm using a really great book called "Drawing from the Right Side of Your Brain." If you've ever wanted to move on from child-like drawings this book explains in a great detail by detail way first why we draw with symbols rather than by sight and how to get past that. It is definitely changing the way I think about drawing and particularly myself and drawing.


Jamie said...

The hand is great! Congratulations! You are alot better than you think. Keep going.

JayD said...

As you said, it is recognizable as a human hand :-) Pretty significant accomplishment (you don't want to know what "my hand" would look like).

D-Ann said...

Good job on drawing :) I'm the same as you, I have a hard time drawing. I like working with colors and coordinating them.

Alice said...

You do know that the hand is one of the hardest thing there is to draw, right??? I think it looks pretty good.

MaWhit said...

That's my favrite drawing book, too.